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Operations on contact forms based on Contact Form 7

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Undoubtedly the most popular plugin for creating a contact form in WordPress is Contact Form 7. Today I'm going to describe 3 threads which can be useful to correctly handle the contact folmuler based on this extension.

You can download the Contact Form 7 plugin from the WP repository at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/


Plugging in Adwords conversion codes

The case described is useful when our form based on the CF7 does not have a separate websites Thank you, but only a dynamically triggered message below the form, e.g. "Thank you for submitting the form".

1.1 W panel adwords client we download your conversion code, which looks roughly like this:

1.2 Copy the content placed in tags (without including them directly).

1.3 Go to the previously created form and then to the "Messages" section.

1.4 In the field with the heading "Message was sent" we paste the code we copied earlier after the displayed text information.


2. save sent inquiries via cf7db contact form

For this purpose, we will need an extension to the CF7 plugin (although not only) that is:


We will be able to use it to record its database emails coming in through our form. What interesting plug also supports plugins:

Navigate to the plug-in options by Contact Form DB -> Options. And then we set to "true" the select boxes assigned to plugs the contact form we use.

3. sending emails via SMTP

For the next task we will also need a plugin:


With this plugin, any automatically sent emails via WordPress will be distributed from address the email specified in the configuration

3.1 After installing the plugin, go to Settings -> Email

3.2 Example configuration for gmail


3.3 In case we want to configure an email in the domain (e.g. contact@domena.pl) we need to search for information about the configuration of email programs for our hosting. For the zenbox.pl I use, this will be:

SMTP outgoing mail server:
smtp.zenbox.pl port 587 with and without TLS
You should also use the option SMTP authentication
The name is user full address e-mail: przykład@przykładowa_domena.pl

After filling in all the fields, it is worth testing the operation in the "Send email to„.

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