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50 keyboard shortcuts in WordPress

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In today's world, everyone values their time and wants to know how can be to do any task faster. This also applies to preparing articles in WordPress. Although this type of work and does not require users too much technical knowledge, but I take up valuable time. Like Can it be saved then? You will find the answer in today's article.

We will provide you with a solution that will be interesting for beginners, but also for those who have more experience with WordPress. We have collected various key combinations that will help you speed up formatting content in a visual editor. Some of them you already know, because you use them while working in Windows and Mac OS or in Office.

WordPress contains Over 50 different keyboard shortcuts that can be divided into 2 categories:

  • key combinations for formatting entries;
  • key combinations for managing comments.

We will divide each of these categories into several subcategories. For keyboard shortcuts on formatting an entry:

  • Editing entries;
  • Styles and formatting;
  • Header tags;
  • Text alignment;
  • Link Modification;
  • Less common combinations.

And for keyboard shortcuts on comment management:

  • Navigation;
  • Comment management;
  • Mass comment management.

Key combinations for formatting entries

There are over 30 different key combinations available in the WordPress visual editor that you can use to quickly format text. You can see these keyboard shortcuts in the help window. To invoke it, use the following combination: Alt + Shift + H.

For Mac Os users, use the Command key instead of Ctrl

Below presented not all combinations, but only those that are most burned among users:

Editing entries

Ctrl + ← ,→ , ↑ and ↓. On the word left, right, at the beginning of a sentence/paragraph, at the end of a sentence/paragraph
Ctrl + a Highlighting of all content
Ctrl + c Copying
Ctrl + v Paste
Ctrl + x Excision
Ctrl + z Withdrawal of changes
Ctrl + y Renewal of changes

Styles and formatting

Ctrl + b Bold
Ctrl + i Italics
Alt + Shift + d Cross reference
Ctrl + U Emphasis
Alt + Shift + 9 Address
Alt + Shift + u Creating a bulleted list
Alt + Shift + o Creating a numbered list
Alt + Shift + q Marking a text fragment (paragraph) as a quotation
Alt + Shift + m Insert picture

Header tags

Alt + Shift + 1 Heading 1
Alt + Shift + 2 Heading 2
Alt + Shift + 3 Heading 3
Alt + Shift + 4 Heading 4
Alt + Shift + 5 Heading 5

Text alignment

Alt + Shift + j Justification text
Alt + Shift + c Center text
Alt + Shift + l Align selected text (paragraph) to the left
Alt + Shift + r Align selected text (paragraph) to the right

Modification of links

Alt + Shift + a Inserting and editing a link
Ctrl + k Inserting and editing a link
Alt + Shift + s Deleting a link

Less common combinations

Alt + Shift + t Adding the tag "read more" "more"
Alt + Shift + x Adding/deleting tag
Alt + Shift + p Inserting a mark new websites (Page Break)
Alt + Shift + h Help
Alt + Shift + e Switching the editor to HTML code editing mode
Alt + Shift + g Switch the editor to full screen mode
Alt + Shift + w Distraction-free writing mode

Key combinations for managing comments

To use this category of keyboard shortcuts, you must enable them in your system. This can be done in the section panel administrative Users => Your profile, where you need to find an option Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation. After enabling it, you can go to manage your comments in the corresponding section Comments.

Please note that key combination operations will only apply to the selected comment. You should understand the comment that will be highlighted in blue. We will proceed to review the available keyboard shortcuts.

Management of comments

a Approval of the comment
s Marking a comment as spam
d Transfer of commentary in the trash
z Variety of the last operation performed
u Comment acceptance variation
r Opening new windows for quick response to comments
q Opening a new window for quick editing of a comment

Mass comment management

In order to be able to perform bulk operations, several comments must be marked. The "tick" must be placed next to the comments you are interested in. This can be done with the mouse and the x key. After marking several comments, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Shift + a Approval of comments
Shift + s Marking comments as spam
Shift + d Deletion of comments
Shift + u Variety of acceptance of comments
Shift + t Moving comments to trash
Shift + z Restore comments from recycle bin


The presence of keyboard shortcuts in WordPress is one of the great "pluses" of this system. Thanks to them, every user can save their time by performing popular operations faster. If you are a beginner, then you need some more time to get used to the system and learn the key combinations. However, once you master the keyboard shortcuts, you will appreciate the advantage of this solution.


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