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6 web design trends in 2017

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Slowly approaching the end of 2016, which as always was saturated with various changes and news in the world of design pages www. Especially for users WordPress. In the last year 3 new versions of the system appeared (at the moment the current version WordPress to 4.7), took place presentation HTML 5.1 and Bootstrap 4.0, on the site wordpress.org appeared yet beyond plugs i themeBut... co will the new 2017 bring us? What trends will be popular and what will they look like websites created via the next 12 months?

Working in a large TemplateMonster team, I had a chance to talk to our developers and designers motives. I am happy to share the information I received from them. In keeping with recent trends in design websites, can be section off a few possible trends in web design. The word "possible" has been bolded specially because we can only forecast the changes. Web designers are constantly working on new concepts, so the trends presented below may undergo a big transformation during 2017.

Custom layout

Practically all website designs created in 2016 are built according to the traditional scheme and have a 2 or 3 column layout. Especially since the trend of this year is unification, that is, creating a website according to a set pattern. Such site designs will be intuitive for users as they will be similar to hundreds of previously visited sites however uniqueness disappears and a typical design quickly bores visitors. Therefore, in 2017, for a change from the traditional layout comes the custom one. As a result, sites will have new forms and break stereotypes.

Use of animation

Adding animation to web designs is not a new trend. It emerged a few years ago and has been actively growing over the course of this year but designers will continue to use it in 2017.At the same time it will change size animations (they will be bigger) and their complexity (there will be new possibilities, thanks to the development of JavaScript). As a result, pages containing animation will be more dynamic, thus attracting the attention of users and encouraging them to take appropriate actions.

Less page scrolling

In a previous post about 2016 trends in web design I've written about the fact that the pages designers create will be "longer". However, a widely used trend throughout the year - longer scrolling - is losing its its popularity. While this doesn't mean that designers are completely abandoning the creation of such page designs because longer scrolling is very convenient for users on mobile devices, the lengthy scrolling time can cause you to get lost on website. That's why 2017 will see sites with traditional navigation and such, where will be the combined advantages of longer scrolling and traditional navigation.

"Cards" on

For the last few years, a fairly popular approach in the design of pages was the use of special blocks so-called - "cards". Its popularity is primarily associated with Pinterest, where such blocks are used to group graphic elements.
In web design "cards" can also be used as blocks for connecting elements of one type, but also as a concept for creating a drop-down menu. At the same time such blocks can be very easily adjusted to a responsive design. However, designers will abandon this approach and will increasingly use unique solutions for grouping elements. To the disadvantages of this approach can be added the inability to create a hierarchy of information on the page because all elements are placed in the same blocks.

Fonty as the main graphic element

The active use of fonts as the main graphic elements also carries over into the coming year. The development of this trend is connected with the popularity of the concept of minimalism, which is widely used in web design. Another reason for the popularization of fonts is hidden in mobile devices, where the size of typography plays an important role. So texts with large fonts are readable for users. Also, with the help of size and color, you can accentuate visitors' attention to important information. All this makes fonts a simple and convenient instrument in designing modern websites.

Use of video

In the new 2017, media files will be used even more when designing websites. Until then, they were only used as a background element. In the new concept, video will take the place of the traditional slide deck with images, which is located at the top of the page. This approach will not only be interesting for visitors, but will also help to attract their attention to the information displayed.
The popularity of video use is also related to the rapid development of mobile devices. If only a few years ago websites containing multimedia files in designs could display incorrectly and slow down the browsing experience. Today, however, all modern mobile phones open video pages without any problemthat one.


We have presented you some trends that will be actively developing in 2017. So, if you are planning to revamp your website design, you definitely need to consider themdaysć. At the same time you don't have to try to combine all the concepts at once because the result cannot be completely opposite to what you expected - creating a lot of elements to attract the user's attention can lead to his/her confusion. I wish you a successful choice of design for your website, and also an increase in the number of users 🙂 .


O Janusz Kaminski

Company marketing specialist TemplateMonster. He has been working in the IT industry for 5 years. He has experience in SEO, internet marketing. Apart from that he is interested in web designing.
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