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Advantages of SSL certificates

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Security in communication via the Internet is extremely important. For this reason, special protection should be given to all places in the system that collect data from the user, such as like websites logins i registration and containing forms.

SSL Certificates improve safety websites via Encryption of connections. It also ensures that no one can intercept the data being transmitted. Securing your own domains SSL certificate brings with it a number of additional benefits.

What are SSL certificates?

Certificate SSL is a small file, mostly in binary form but in the case of transmission via news e-mail - including text - exchanged between the client and server applications when the connection is established. The use of SSL protocol (using SSL certificates) in communications allows for adequate security of the communications and also increases the level of trust users for service.

The SSL protocol operates at the Presentation Layer of the OSI model, so it can secure higher layer protocols - applications - such as HTTP whether POP3. It uses asymmetric encryption (i.e. based on a pair of keys - public and private) for its effective operation. It consists of two subprotocols, one of which agrees on parameters of encryption and authentication algorithms, as well as protocol for changing those parameters. The second one is to determine the format of the transmitted data.

SSL certificate - advantages of having one

In addition to the obvious benefit of using an encrypted connection - data security - the use of SSL protocol has many other advantages. Especially useful for the website owner is the fact that having an SSL certificate for a domain makes the website better positioned by algorithms Google. In addition, SSL security increases the level of trust in the website and ensures the integrity of the transmitted data. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks from being successful. SSL also protects before Phishing, which is a method of stealing data using a crafted website.

For sites that enforce encryption of communication, a certificate attesting to the reliability of the site is exchanged. The use of SSL is also one of the requirements for obtaining the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which certifies the highest level of security for transactions involving credit card data.

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