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Okay, so you're a blogger. Maybe you just finishedwhetheryou were setting up your new pagesor maybe you've been enjoying likeand you start to consider yourself a professional. In both cases, what do you think? What What is most important for your writing? Is it writing talent or good technique? You can to agree, but it is enough to take a broader look at the Polish blogosphere to understand one thing: the Reader is the most important.

The modern blogger is more than just a writer, journalist or passionate writer. It is not enough to create good textto become one of the best writers in the blogosphere. Those days are gone when writing blog ceased to be the domain of a few brave, innovative people, and having a blog began to be fashionable and popular. In the maze of blogThe ones rising and disappearing in the abyss of Internet oblivion need something more to stand out. Namely Readers.

Being a blogger is more than being a writer who publishes a book and happily waits for its financial results. The main difference is the way of communication - the writer speaks, conducts a monologue with the Reader. He tells the story he has to tell, does not ask anyone for their opinion and - when he has finished his task, closes the book. The Reader reads, experiences, and then...puts the book back on the shelf.

What should you do so that your readers don't put your blog on the proverbial "shelf"?

To forget about writing only for oneself. The contemporary blogger is a bit of a therapist, a bit of an opinion maker and finally a person towards whom the Reader starts to have feelings.

A blog is an eternal dialogue, action and reaction between Blogger and Reader. When we read a book, we tend not to think about what the author. What he likes, who he talks to, what coffee he chooses and what he wrote this book on. Quite the opposite with a blog. When choosing a blogger with whom to regualrly spend time on the Internet - reading and reacting to his texts - the Reader pays attention to everything. He tries to find the character and liking of the blogger in small premises - he reads between the lines, looks for hidden hints, looks at the brands he chooses and those he despises. He pays attention to the clothes, the choice of words, and whether an expensive Mac or just an ordinary computer was used to write. And he decides. It is the right strategy of writing and creating your image that decides whether your reader will stay with you or not come to your blog anymore.

Think about the kind of Readers you are writing to? What group are you looking for?

Everything Matters. Recent studies have shown that a confident, personable person will choose Knorr over Winiary at the store. Dove rather than Nivea. Why? Because a brand carries with it a particular lifestyle. Your brand must also impose a particular lifestyle.

Let's look at two examples. A popular blogger who has chosen "average Polish women" as her target and tries to create a bridge between them and herself. In her posts she often emphasizes her "normality", and yet something doesn't fit. Expensive items that she surrounds herself with go far beyond the "statistical wallet". The contrasts are unmistakable, and the readers are leaving. If you want to win over a group, you have to represent their views, be one of them. Don't drink Saga if you want to keep successful people with you who are focused on their careers rather than creating a family. Create consistency.

How do you get to know your readers?

To pass the glass barrier dividing us and look deep into the soul of the Visitor to understand what he/she is looking for and what he/she likes? To understand him from the inside? This is what the service will help you with WPDASH. Thanks to numerous statistics and analyses, you will find out which texts stirred the emotions of your readers, to which they reacted with comments, to which they returned, and which they skipped. You will draw your own conclusions and soon you will see what to write about in order to become a popular and recognized blogger.

WPDASH is much more than just access to the most important statistics. It is an advanced software, thanks to which you can create even a dozen or so different blogs based on WordPresswith access to all of them from one panel. This makes managing multiple sites much easier, more efficient and effective. Thanks to WPDASH What used to take you a lot of time, now you can do in a much shorter time. With just a few clicks you will manage your posts, themes, plugins. With one click you can enter updates in all your blogs. Moreover, you will gain the ability to perform automatic backups. And if you want to ensure full IP diversification of all your blogs, you can integrate WPDASH service RocketIPs.

Discover all the advantages WPDASHto find out that running even several blogs at once has never been so easy.

Dariusz Jurek

O Dariusz Jurek

My name is Dariusz Jurek and has been dealing with the subject of marketing on the Internet for 7 years. Currently he works in Marketing System as Head of SEO and together with his team he handles campaigns and strategies in search engines for key clients of our company.
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