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Automatic translation of .po language files

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Starting reading this article and I assume you know what a .po file is. However, let me start by talking briefly about where in the environment WordPress-a and such files are used. They are used as files containing translations of particular expressions in e.g. a template WordPress-a or a plugin. In short, by modifying one file we are able to translate the entire pagesall at once (assuming that a given template/plug supports translation files).

In this article I will say like do it automatically using the tool provided via Google:

Informative addthat Google uses resources from the standard word processor for this operation co as we know is not entirely accurate and sometimes errors may occur

1. Log in to your Google account and go to address:


2. Assuming that you already have your .po file in English, click the Send

3. W new tab we have opened the tool:


4. The first step is to click on the Add content to be translated. When the list unfolds, select "Upload file"

5. Click browse and select your .po file for translation from the disk (probably a file named en_EN/en_US).

6. After selecting it, its name will be added under the button browse

7. In the field language-field type "Polish" and select one of the suggested languages by clicking on it.

8. Click "Next" and the file will be uploaded to Google's server and automatic his translation.

9. The screen with the selection of a translation provider is skipped by clicking no-thank you

10. A list with our file appears. Select it and click download

11. After downloading the file, rename it to "pl_EN".

12. Open it with the program Poedit and click the "Save" button after which the corresponding .mo file will be created

13. Both files are copied to the server, in the place where there was an English version of the translation.

14. If you use the Polish version WordPress-a translation should be automatically uploaded (if you have for example a panel in Polish). If not, edit the wp- file.config.php and add the rule:

define ('WPLANG', 'pl_EN');

15. If you have any questions, write in the comments.

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