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Buddypress, or community on WordPress

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BuddyPress to plugwhich allows the blog that is WordPressto create a social network. It is of course free add-on to the most popular blogging system.

BuddyPress obviously has more uses besides a social networking site can be make it an internal intranet or co¶, which will be used to delegate tasks. Such solutions are based on WordPress, Buddypress and of course a theme, which also becomes very important.

At the outset I would like to mention that on the subject of coding themethat under BuddyPress the book BuddyPress was written Theme Development, which contains 130 pages! Also in this post let me skip this topic, referring you to the professional literature and documentation. No less anyone who knows how to write a theme under WordPress and he's going through the paperwork, he shouldn't have much problemThe theme can be used to code a theme under BuddPress or when editing an existing theme.

Our motive

For the purpose of this entry I will use a free theme Emmet Lite. Once the theme is up and running, we can get down to installing Buddypress.



BuddyPress is installed like standard plug-in. When we click "Enable plug-in" we may find that the whole WordPress will refuse to serve us, then it is usually enough to increase the amount of WordPress memories.

Right after installation we will see the number zero next to our admin bar, this is the amount of notifications we have.


We also immediately have the opportunity to develop information about us. We can see that there are new elements, such as activity, profile, notifications and settings.


If you click on "Activity", you will be taken to subpages with our profile. This is the profile page every user gets after installing BuddyPress. It is worth noting that all the options in the above menu refer us to the frontend, not to panel WordPress Administration.


Since the community must live, I will use Demo Data Creator. Otherwise, presenting BuddyPress misses the point. I encourage you to use this plugs, the delete data option included in it, deletes everything, not just what it created.

What do we get with BuddyPress?

Ability to see who is logged in, when they were last active and sort this data.


The activity system, which means we add information about what we're doing, how we're feeling, what we're planning, it works in a nutshell like Facebook'bout that wall. By default, nothing filters it, there's no rating system as well as comments They nest according to the WordPress settings. It is, so to speak, the heart of the entire system, and certainly websites.
Apart from that, the rest of the options are somewhat of a necessity: the ability to configure news email, privacy settings, etc. More than what we have available in the admin panel, what will strike us is that registration and login are not pulled out to the front-end. In other words, if the theme wasn't built for Buddypress, we have to make up for it by using, for example, the plugin Front-End Only Usersor many others with similar effects.

I suggest this plugin because it allows you, upon login, to immediately send the user to any location ("[login redirect_page="www.naszadres.pl"]")It is worth using user-friendly functionality. An interesting solution could be a plug-in based on the principle of "social login", which allows users to log in using, for example, an account Google.

Worth installing BuddyPress Activity Privacy, BuddyForms Members, W3 Total Cachewhich should work better than Comet Cache.

Adding an image to BuddyPress

Another interesting and free plugin is BuddyPress Activity Plusthanks to her users can add links, videos and photos.


Visibility of BuddyPress posts

Nowadays a plug-in seems indispensable BuddyPress Activity Privacyto set privacy for the content you share. When you add a news item, just select who you want to make it available to.


Finally, I'll mention the plug-in BuddyPress Security Checkwhich adds a code to be rewritten, it can be very useful sometimes. Remember that with an open registration On the WordPress platform, such code is a must.

Where to look for extensions?

A lot of extensions are paid, probably their biggest base besides the standard WordPress repository with plugins and store Codecanyonis also buddyboss.comThere you will find plugins that allow users to blog, send private messages or register themselves as a specific type of user. Unfortunately they have one disadvantage, they are definitely expensive, considering our market, sometimes prices start from 79$.


As it turns out, the biggest challenge isn't installing WordPress and then adding the BuddyPress plugin, it's properly polishing the site and putting it in the hands of users a fully valuable tool for information exchange.
Depending on whether we want to build a comic book fan portal, a chat space for mothers, an intranet its company, or maybe a social networking site we apply various solutions.
It's worth considering that no matter if you're creating an internal or external network, it's worth giving the user options and serving them in a way they're used to.


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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