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Keyword cannibalization, initial diagnosis and repair on WordPress

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Keyword cannibalism is a phenomenon that involuntarily begins to occur on our website www in a situation where the number of added via our entries are increasing. Eventually they start to get repetitive.

More specifically, we start repeating headings, mid-headings, until we end up creating many similar tags. The effect of this is that it suggests that multiple subpages are appropriate to display for a given keyword e.g. cheap office computer.

we can also check the phrase using the YOAST plugin, then we will see suggestions which will direct us to the keyword of a given entry, if we use it for all entries, it will tell us whether the phrase has already been used before

We can also check the phrase using plugs YOASTthen we'll see hints that will direct us co to the keyword of a given entry, if we use it with all entries, it will tell us, whether the phrase has been used before

In a situation, when a bot is not quite sure which of our subpages, on which it found the phrase "cheap computer for the office", it should display, it decides not to display any or, in a better option for us, it displays not always the subpage we would like.

So how do we find and solve this problem?

It's surprisingly not that heavy, like It seems to us, but it requires spending a lot of time. The bigger the service we have or an idea how to optimize this process. The easiest way to locate the mentioned problemby examining H1 headings (or simply titles of entries if we do not have them in H1) or by using a search engine Googleto do that, we type: site:naszadomena.pl "ourphrase"

sample effect:

site-resultsAs you can see, we have two main problems here. The first is that all aggregate subpages, use a single extract, and so text occurs many times within one service, secondly there are a lot of pages collective, tags, categories which have one common heading. If that's the case, you might want to consider doing away with them. As you can see, the entry is also not the most recent, perhaps it would be worth writing a new one regarding this topic, redirecting subpages or linking to new entry? More about that later in the post.

Which might suggest to us that websites within one service will try to compete with each other? The main thing to focus on is: title, page address (friendly link), header located in H1 and subtitles.

metaseoIf you want to check the meta data of an entry more easily, just install a plugin for chrome Meta SEO inspector.


Redirecting an entry

First, we can redirect the entry to a new one. The situation is very simple. In 2012, we published an entry titled "Cheap office computer from Lenovo," check out the Google Analytics and we see that he's done his part for us, but there's very little movement on him at the moment.

You can read more about redirects here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/przekierowania-adresow-url-a-seo-2/

A month ago we added a post titled "cheap office computer for ladies". We see the phrase "cheap computer for office" repeatedly, so it's a good idea to redirect address www from the entry "Cheap office computer from Lenovo" to "Cheap office computer for ladies". After all, no one is interested in an old, 4-year-old computer, but everyone is eager to find out what new computer to choose.

If we have two entriesbut both are very popular (which is easy to check e.g. in Google Analytics) and both subpages are visible in Google (which is easy to check with any better tool for analyzing search results) for nevertheless different keyword phrases, but they generate traffic, then let's leave them alone. Change in which case you might lose both phrases.

Linking an entry

If for some reason we think that an article is still valuable because, for example, it was a sponsored article and needs to stay there, or there is or was a valuable discussion under it, we can link from an older entry or one that already has less traffic (or less ROI) to an entry (subpage) that is already doing better.

Simply add this text at the beginning of your post, for example:

"You'll find plenty of new, cheap laptops for the office in our latest list."  And just link it to the latest post.

If a small article came about because you needed to explain some concepts on a separate page, definitely always add a note at the end of the post:

"This article is part of a larger post, which you can find here."

Otherwise our most important article may not be displayed in search results because it will repeatedly link to others. It should be remembered that for search engine bots such subpages are sometimes no different from category pages, and as we know, these are less and less displayed in Google.

Getting rid of the subpage?

One action that simply should not be done in 99% cases. If you don't like the content you have on a particular subpage, simply redirect it to the home page.


Please note yet Pay attention to such aspects as the number of other pages linking to a given subpage. For example, more entries link to the category "laptop to 2000 PLN" than to the entry "Lenovo laptop to 2000 PLN". Because there may be entries that link to a given category, but not always a given category on its The first page links to a given entry (because, for example, it already has 20 subpages). This also affects how a given website is strong or weak within our service.
Optimizing the service for specific keywords, taking into account the above comments, we are able to gather a lot of power practically for free, which is already dormant in our service. Starting a new www, can be Use the YOAST plugin from the beginning and save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. However, remember not to create too many similar keywords, this plug Unfortunately, it won't catch us.


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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