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Chat for WordPress, we check out offers from different companies

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More and more often, when we enter the website of a company or an online store, a pop-up window will ask us "How can I help you?" and we will immediately have the opportunity to talk to a consultant, convenient right?
One would like to ask why banks and mobile phone operators do not want to introduce something like this. Apparently it is out of reach for them, but fortunately not for us.

On our WordPress sites and online stores based on WooCoomerce we are able to such chat introduce and sometimes for free. I decided to check which solutions are worth paying attention to. In case I missed any, please leave a comment, I will supplement the entry.


I think this is the simplest solution, which may seem very archaic to some. Gadu-Gadu makes GG available widgethttps://www.gg.pl/info/komunikator-na-twoja-strone/that we can install on its websiteso we can talk to our customers or readers, and they won't have to have a GG account to have that conversation.


This solution can be used on any website, not only on WordPress, because the installation involves only inserting the code within the footer websites The only thing we need is a GG account.


What Interestingly, we can install GG on the phone, into the browser, as an app for the computer and stay in touch with our clients regardless, where you are. In this respect, the GG solution is second to none. Unfortunately, the customer will not talk to us using phonebecause chat is a bit problematic on the phone (far from eg. Tidio).

ChatPirate live chat

Free until March 1 or at 5$ per month. With unlimited chats and 90 days history (interestingly in GG history has no limit).


Installed to WordPress w in the form of plugin, in which we log in to the application account. Installation is simple, and as you can see in the screenshot below, amendment appearance and customisation websites also.









Compared to GG, it unfortunately does not have an app for mobile devices, so we have it harder, but users On phones they have a lighter feel as it adjusts nicely to smaller screens.


Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

I usually try to leave out paid plugins in my posts because sometimes there is no problem with them, but other times we buy and a week later it is taken off the store.

However, Facebook Live Chat deserves to be mentioned. It is convenient and will handle requests via Messenger on our mobile device and, importantly, we can contact the customer again via Messenger at any time. This is very convenient. In addition, we have free, unlimited conversations history and we can serve an unlimited number of people. Below is a screen shot of how this solution looks like on a mobile device.


Tidio Live Chat

Probably the nicest option from the whole set. In addition with Polish user support and refined mobile version.

The chat itself works without any problems and what is important, we integrate it using the Tidio Live Chat plug-in. Most importantly, the free version allows us to use the chat functionality. Integration is simple, it is limited to the installation of a plug-in, although it is worth noting that the client can be supported by an online panel available after logging in, a plug-in for Chrome browser, as well as an application. All work in a similar way.


Unfortunately, if you opt for the paid version, the cost for each person who receives applications is 12$ per monthThat is about 50 PLN. But what is important, thanks to it we have access to a chat application (iOS and Android), thanks to which we can stay in touch with people visiting our pageswhether we're at the computer or not. The delay is no more than 0.5 seconds, which is nothing. The application allows you to talk to several customers at the same time.

It is worth noting here yet A more expensive version (24$), which has simple analytical tools, making Tidio a fairly complete solution. Unfortunately at a rather hefty price.

WP Live Chat Support

No can be was to forget at this point about WP Live Chat Support. That is, a fully free solution, which interestingly enough is about to release applications for its app.
Installation similarly to the previous options is limited to installing the plugin and configuring it properly. Plugin has a very extensive dossier.


The plug-in looks nice on a mobile device. You need to translate it and you can use it. When we are away, the chat simply displays form contact.


There is no perfect solution and it is certainly worth to test 2 or 3 and check which one suits our predispositions best. There is no shortage of such solutions, both paid and free, but my intention was not to create a second catalogue plugs to WordPress, only presentation selected, most interesting solutions.
In case you have one of your own that you use, please leave information about it and your impressions in the comments.


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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