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Contest] Write a comment and win a WordPress template

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The contest rules can be found below the article. Competition Regulations.

You've long planned to refresh the design its websites But you always lacked time, strength or money to do it? Now you have a chance to fulfill your dreams and win the latest templates for WordPress. We organized together with our partner TemplateMonster Poland contest, in which every reader of our site can participate. Are you interested? You are cordially invited! .

Short about templates for WordPress

J.Kaminski of Templatemonster.com:

One of the main advantages of CMS is that you can quickly change the layout of your website. So you don't even need to have much experience in website design to refresh the design of your own website. You just need to have some time and willingness to make a choice and proceed to the installation of a template. At the same time, its implementation sometimes takes less time than its selection and matching to the theme of the website.
On the Internet can be Find free and paid templates for WordPress. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Among the advantages of free templatethat can be separated by their accessibility to everyone user WP. But very often free templates cause a lot of difficulties during their implementation: problems with plugins, lack of technical support, lack of access To image files in case of design tweaks. And unless a person knows WordPress at an advanced level, correcting such problemthis is getting pretty heavy.

You can read more about the downsides of free templates here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/darmowe-skorki-i-wtyczki-do-wordpress-minusy/


Template: Financial Advisor #53444

Therefore for those who are not able to solve problems while implementing free templates, there is an alternative solution - paid one templates. They have, in addition to a wide selection of plugsYou can also get technical help with the installation and modification of the template.

American company TemplateMonster is one of the oldest template makers on the global market. When it comes to templates for WordPress, TemplateMonster has been creating them since 2006. By For a long time, the templates for WP were subject to various changes depending on the nature of the market development and its prosperity. At website TemplateMonster Poland you can find over 1500 templates for WordPress in various versions. The price for the presented templates depends on their functionality and ranges from 90 to 300 PLN. Thanks to the variety of prices and features, everyone can find cofor yourself.

Prizes for winners

Like we mentioned above, the prizes are 3 FREE TEMPLATES (single license) for WordPress from TemplateMonster Polska website - www.templatemonster.com/pl/type/szablony-wordpress/. The winning template can be used for upgrading/creating the winner's site.

To win the template you must:

  1. Write a comment under the following article: I want to get the template #number_template to create [purpose]. [justification].

    For example, I want to get template #53444 for making my online store selling felt handbags. My products are unique in the world and I want to share them with people! Here is an example: [addressurl-template].

  2. The contest runs for one week until 11:59pm on May 10, 2015.
  3. We will publish the results of the competition on the website and on the social profiles www.seowordpress.pl. Finalists will be selected on the basis of best COMMENT. Owners 3 selected comments They will receive prizes from TemplateMonster Polska.
  4. Emails will be sent to the mailboxes of the 3 winners with files containing the chosen template. For this contest participant's comment must containsć NUMBER template and the correct address email. Remember that!

Please also note that each contestant can only write ONE comment.

Competition Regulations

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