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Content copying - to be afraid or not? What about WP?

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copy-cat content

Content Scraping i.e. reproduction of content is a very popular phenomenon in the Internet world. All kinds of content copying software and even manual activities in this area cause the owner of websites may feel aggrieved - co is obvious - but he must also keep in mind that sometimes it will bring him more benefits than losses. Which ones? I'll talk about that later in this article.

To begin with, I will also mention why someone takes the trouble to copy your content. The first reason may be the desire to create a body of knowledge on a particular topic without using their own funds. Another may be to create "backstories"based on copied content, which of course is a shot in the knee - but such things are happening on a massive scale - less and less, but still.

Tracking down duplicate content is very simple. Simply paste a piece of your text into a search engine and analyze the results. You can also use the https://www.copyscape.com/

Let's start with what forms copying content we can consider conducive to our website:

  1. Those with a clear indication of the source - even without a link
  2. If you copy a single picture from our side, he uses a direct address url to it (even without giving the source we get a link to our page which is much more valuable than the server resources used on our side)
  3. You notice referral traffic from these sources
  4. Posting a piece of content as a quote

The well-known dimwit Matt Cutts also spoke out on this topic at one time:

On the other hand, however, it can have a serious negative impact:

  1. In a situation where copied content will be indexed faster in Google than ours - we will be considered the bad guy in G's eyes - and Panda is lurking 😉
  2. In a similar situation, when both articles are indexed - we automatically get a competitor with users w search engine
  3. Sami users (conscious) also recognize your blog/service as less valuable when they discover duplicate content

Some tips on how to make your content harder to copy

  1. Add a copyright annotation manually at the bottom of each post. A great example is blog articles Marty Gryszko - see for yourself.
  2. Arrangements by the author on Google+. Like you can read in the article "How to position your image in Google results - or rel author in practice
  3. PagesYou can report a copywriter who copies your content by form without going indirectly to Google https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Pw1KVOVRyr4a7ezj_6SHghnX1Y6bp1SOVmy60QjkF0Y/viewform
  4. If you use WP, analyze Trackbacks and Pingbacks - report those sources that look spammy
  5. You can use some of the following plugs do WordPress to combat content scraping:

Copyright Proof

After a short setup, it takes care of the annotation issue from point one.

Copyright Footer RSS

Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/copyright-footer-rss/screenshots/

Adds the established via us content with a link in our RSS feed posts

WordPress Data Guard [Website Security].

Blocks the use of the right mouse button on the page which will help (although not protect) us in case we want to copy images for specific addressthat IP.

Custom Right Click Menu

This plug for allowing you to create your own right-click menu instead of locking the button can be add new functionality under it.

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