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Email marketing and WordPress, or get an address to your reader with Freshmail

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Despite the fact that on the market we can find more and more various forms of advertising, creations, like and, of course, ideas of how to encourage Internet users to buy it and so they constantly give way to e-mail marketing.

It is not only one of the oldest forms of earning through the global network of the Internet, but also one of the most effective. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the dedicated recipient is able to regularly earn small amounts of money for us.

Therefore also in this article I decided to present a few ways how to start your adventure with e-mail marketing on CMS WordPress.

Possible technical solutions

There is no shortage of technical solutions on the market, commercial solutions cannot be omitted here. I mention only those that have a free, functional account.

Freshmail - all in one

Freshmail is now one of the easiest ways to its website start the adventure with e-mail marketing. However, the whole difficulty is in using this tool properly.

Therefore, let's list some of its advantages at the beginning, which make me decide to describe it more extensively:

  • dby 500 recipients we can send our messages for free,
  • for free we can also take advantage of the rich collection templatemailing that can be edit using the pick-up-and-put-down method,
  • For free, we can test the appearance of messages on different mailboxes.

It is worth to mention a few words about the wizard itself. Thanks to it our messages don't look like from 10 years ago. They are aesthetic i responsive. Plus it edits in a simple and intuitive way.


FreshMail also gives us sending statistics and somehow forces us to do one thing. Creating an interesting message for our readers. This system will not work as notifications of new posts, that's what RSS is for. Appropriately using FreshMaila (as well as other similar tools e.g. Wysija Newsletters / MailPoet), you can in free How to build valuable relationships with your readers.

How do I arrange the recording fields?

By way of example plugs for WordPress from FreshMail will show you how to encourage users to leave your address e-mail in our database.

panel 1

The most important thing is to have readable form a notation that will attract the attention of our readers. It is worth remembering that it must highlight It will stand out from other elements on the page. When it comes to its placement, instead of placing it in the standard sidebar, it is better to place it under the entries and create a special landing pagethat we can send traffic to.

In a few steps we can easily develop co¶ such as this. All you need to do is create a new mold to write on. Oscillate the appropriate I and then take its code, e.g: [FM_form id="1″].

Then place this code under an entry or before comments. Using the transcript:

do_shortcode('[FM_form id="1"]'); ?>

That is, so that we can ostracize everything in the chosen via us way, it's best to put it in a div:

Example styles for this element might look like the following:

.mailfooter {
margin: 10px;
padding: 10px; padding;
background-color: #fff;

A user is more likely to subscribe to your list after reading an interesting article. So if you write interesting content, and the time a user spends on websiteis quite high, it's definitely worth spending some time on the procedure described above.

Make a landing page

It may seem that since we don't sell credit, we don't need a landing page. Nothing could be further from the truth! If your blog or website If your website carries a tangible value, you should definitely go for an eye-catching landing page with a beautiful, visible newsletter sign-up form.

For this purpose, we can separate pagesWe will put a form on it and describe why it is worth signing up. For better effect we can use plugins such as Frontend Builderwhich allows us to create a whole subpage using the pick-up-and-put-down method with a constant visual preview, which will probably be a great help for people who don't work with graphics every day.

What to do and what not to do?

Do not force. Remember that nobody likes to be forced. If you try to forcefully subscribe your reader to a mailing list, even if you manage to do it, he will just leave right away.

Although we can often meet on various sites with a pop-up window to sign up for newsletterBut let's remember that in fact, using this solution, the conversion rate is not surprisingly high. One solution is to program the window so that it shows to our readers only when will cross the entire site or right after post a comment.

We should also remember to accidentally don't skimp on your mailing list. Used correctly, a list can be profitable. However, when we try to send 3 mailing offers a day, many people will unsubscribe and the rest will blacklist us. For starters, send one advertising message per week and one message about what's happening on the site. Check your conversions and tailor your message. Also, remember that to run a newsletter you need to register a database in GIODOand if you want to sell it, you must explicitly state this in the terms of service beforehand.


O Karol Trybulski

His adventure with creating websites started when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websitesBut also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he manages his own brand InBulb
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