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Example of SEO by YOAST plugin configuration

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Pluginsto help us optimize our website according to your requirements. Googlethere are many. Unfortunately, some of them work the wrong way, another doesn't work at all, and a third group works in a slightly too magical way.

Of all the available ones, the most popular was plug SEO BY YOAST. Not only is it easy to use and understand, but most of all it can easily cope with most motives.

This article will describe the basic configuration for the described plugin, sufficient for most users WP

However, to be able to take full advantage of the plug-in and (co important) fully optimize the theme for the requirements GoogleYou need to take a moment and edit it yourself, using not only the capabilities of the plugin, but also the WordPress. In this tutorial I will highlight a few optimization issues websites. I present examples of activities concerning optimisation for a free theme Flat.

Titles and Meta Tags

Since you are already using this plugin, be sure to complete all the templates for the metatags. ATo do this, go to "Titles" and "Meta Tags". This tab uses a few simple tags:

  • %%title%% - title,
  • %%page%% - website
  • %%sep%P1T - separator
  • %%sitename%% - name websites

you can create any template for title of subpages for selected types entries. Additionally, it is possible, for example, to disable the rel="author" tag for only one of the entry types.

If you want, you can also exclude any type of entry from being indexed in Google, the archive authoror date archive by selecting "noindex" for specific post type or taxonomy. The last two archives are automatically excluded from indexation because they only duplicate content found on other subpages of service.

Should it happen that the author's website is an important place on Your website and there's a lot of unique content like commentsFor example, if you want to add a link to your website, such as discussion, description or biography, remember to uncheck the noindex option.

Category and tag descriptions

Subpages categories in the 90% cases are text repeated from other subpages of the website, it would be good to create a unique text on it. In the category options we have a special field for this.

category descriptions

Therefore, it is worth to enter e.g. a 300-600-character description concerning what the user will find in a particular category. Additionally, it is worth filling in other fields such as "SEO Title" and "SEO Description". Remember that the description should encourage the user to click on your link on the search results page. The title, on the other hand, must describe your category in the shortest possible way. However, try to avoid using vague phrases like: cosmetics, ornaments, blouses. It is better to use:

  • cosmetics for women,
  • cheap decorations for the house,
  • Printed blouses and sweatshirts,
  • etc.

The Flat theme you selected supports descriptions for categories. If your theme there is no such optionthen add the code to the category subpages:

For tag subpages it will be:

Crumbs for your website

1. SEO plugin BY YOAST gives us everything that is needed to handle the crumbs, just add to your blog the code below:


'); } ?>

2. Then turn it on by going to panel administrator WordPress in the menu: SEO → Crumbs, then check the option to turn on crumbs and select "Taxonomiesto be included in the crumbs:" as CATEGORIES.

inclusion of crumbs
3. The aforementioned code in the case of the theme Flat should be added to the file archive.php.

crumb edition

Let's immediately paste it a few lines below, so the crumbs will work for tags as well.
It's worth adding crumbs support also for single entry subpages, to do that we need to locate the file single.php and add the crumb code to it.
This way the user will always know, where and will be able to quickly navigate to the category from which the entry originates.

What else to keep in mind when using the SEO BY YOAST plugin

Author Indication

You should also go to the "Community" tabć" and complete at least data for Google+. This way, there is a chance that the author's name will appear in the search results. To do this, of course, you must have your own subpage on Google+, you can easily obtained by registering on this website. However, pand remember that the data that's in there you type, should be true, and profile completed and active. Iotherwise there's no chanceś showed up in the search results.

Site map

Note that the sitemap we need to point Google's tools for webmasters to is located at: twojastrona.pl/sitemap_index.xml

Direct link settings


In conclusion

Above tips This is an introduction to optimizing your website according to Google's requirements. It is worth taking care of at least Oh, no. In conclusion you need add that recently there is a series of paid extensions for this plug-in, among which we can find tools to help us optimize files videowill aid local SEO, or help us when we'll be dodawać pagesto Google News.


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