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Features in admin panel you should not forget about

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Working on co daytime with WordPressBeing an editor or a novice developer bushwhacking through the options offered we may not pay attention or forget about a very useful but a little bit hidden features of WP. In today's article I will try to show and briefly describe them. 

I warn you in advance that the functions described panel are addressed to beginners users and those more advanced know them well.

Screen options

Some native options (e.g. custom fields, extract) like and those added via plugs remain hidden by default. For this purpose, the screen options panel located in the upper right corner has been created. The main task of this function is to show or hide elements in the area dashboard, where you are currently located. Here is an example for the entry option:


2. CSS classes and menu relationships

Go to Appearance => Menu. First, in the screen options mentioned above, check:


Then new text fields are added to the expanded box of each link in the menu:


HTML code of this specific menu item will be extended with an additional CSS class named "newclass"

Relationships (XFN) możemy wykorzystać np. do dodania do konkretnego elementu/linku tagu „nofollow


3. pasting the post to the home page

The easiest way to make a post stand out is to keep it at the top of our posts. WP has this feature by default in the accessibility options:


It should be added, however, that sticking an entry does not affect the RSS feed.

More and Next Page tags

Thanks to the tag "more" we are able to individually for each post/websites określić do którego momentu w tekście ma wyświetlać się zajawka (excerpt) pokazywana np. na liście danej kategorii entries. W edytorze dodajemy go za pomocą moretag and then a tag is added at the location we specified:

We can also set an individual text An inviting read for each of the entries:

Thanks to the tag "nextpage" we are able to split an entry or a page into parts using pagination. In order to do that, you need to put in a place of the end of the first page:

5. keyboard shortcuts

WordPress supports keyboard shortcuts both in the text editor and in comment moderation. You can find the list here:


6 Internal linking

WordPress It also has a simple but helpful function to streamline linking between articles. In the content linking options (link) we find "... or add a link to already published content." 


7. category and tag descriptions

We can use them to display text describing a particular category, thanks to which we will saturate the subpage with unique content (SEO).


You can read how to display descriptions in the template here:


8. all options in one panel

Website including all options WP in in one place. To access the panel, go to the address from the administrator level:



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