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Reporting a disavow file and requesting consideration

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Let me start by mentioning this like there should be a file built disavow i co should containsć.

The file should contain a list of domains (domain:nazwadomeny.pl) and addressów url (http://www.domena.pl/podstrona) na, których znajduje się nienaturalny/spamerski link do naszej websites Internet. It must be a .txt text file in UTF-8 character encoding. Its content should be, for example, like this:





I recommend that if you have a highly suspicious site, you report the entire domains without "www." to make the declaration include subdomains as well.

Although Google writes that for downloading the list of incoming links, the ones given in Webmastertools However, I recommend using additional paid external tools such as Ahrefs or MajesticSEO

1. After creating our .txt file, we go to the address:


2. We choose our domain from the list and click excluded-links and in the next panel links-abandonment

3. We'll go to a panel like this one:


4. After clicking "Select file", we select the previously prepared disavow text file from our hard drive

5. We should get a message similar to this:


Our file is uploaded and submitted. In the webmaster tools and by email we will receive a message that the file has been updated.

According to the latest information, when updating another file you should not delete the old one but overwrite it by sending new file

6.  We now move on to submitting a request for consideration. We go to Webmastertools:


7. Search traffic -> Manual actions and click report-prosbe-consideration

8. Some advice on RR content:

Writing a reconsideration request don't forget to add information that you also added the link file to be excluded in the Disavow Tool.

It is good practice to write a reconsideration request via It is advisable that the request is signed by the owner of the company/website or by a person of possibly high rank, stating his/her name and position. It is good to describe the whole story, what happened, why and what steps have been taken to prevent the situation from recurring in the future, e.g.: change of agency, taking over the process by the company's internal department, etc.

Do not send another reconsederation request if you have not received an answer to the previous one.

Don't waste time on manual actions and "physical" link removal, in most cases excluding links in Disavow tool is enough. However any manual actions taken should be described in reinclusion request.

Source: sprawnymarketing.pl

You need to keep in mind that adding links to disavow or even snapshot manual action does not guarantee improvement of your website position.

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