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Forum on WordPress, or how to build community on your site

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Although many people have put their crosshairs on online forums, there is a certain group of them that is still doing extremely well. This is for several reasons. Firstly, forums are more anonymous than social networking sites, and secondly they are more professional. This is the reason why some of the forums are empty, while for example the Internet forums are very popular. forum The electrode is doing very well.

That is why it is sometimes worth considering whether setting up an online forum for our WordPress is not a good option. It's not gonna be full right away usersBut everyone who manages to help is a reader who will come back to us. There are many methods to build your web forum, I will try to explain some of them based on my experience.

WordPress Forum - What do we have to choose from?


A forum that was created with the following in mind WordPress. There is even a book written about this script called bbPress Complete by Rhys Wynne (July 2013). The frightening fact may seem to be that it has 99 pages.

Fortunately, the script is relatively simple and fun to use. It integrates itself with WordPress and has the front-end system pulled out registration i logins.


What Interestingly, by default, after installing the plugin, the forum has yet to be created. In other words, we can create multiple forums under one domain, and this is how it really works for a regular user like Categories. It may come as a bit of a surprise that this forum doesn't really have an extensive database plugs i themeIt's a lot easier to use than WordPress itself. It is relatively easy to use, but it does require some preparation from our websites.


One of the easiest to use Internet forum scripts with nice Polish support.


Interestingly, many plugins have been written to integrate both systems with each other - for those curious https://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/tags/mybb. In addition to the script you will find many plugins and motives, even the prices of the premium ones are relatively low and affordable.


The forum script that one of the users pointed out - Mati - on the occasion of a post talking about putting up a simple forum Q&And on WordPress involving Disqus'a

You can find more information here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/tworzymy-forum-dla-czytelnikow-w-oparciu-o-disqus-com-czyli-tak-jak-ma-antyweb/


The script is relatively new compared to most of the others on the list. It has a Polish version - http://esotalk.org/forum/55-polishas well as some plugs - http://esotalk.org/forum/conversations/plugins. Unfortunately The community points out that quite a few of them don't work, worth checking out the thread regarding this problem - http://esotalk.org/forum/1325-99-plugins-dont-work. Last update the script took place two months ago.
Nevertheless, the installation went without problemThe default theme looks relatively aesthetically pleasing, as does the initial setup.


Installing, configuring and running the script was as easy as the above.


This is probably the most complex script of all in the set. What will certainly please developers, this script has a relatively clear and extensive API.
Your best bet is to get a VPS that supports Linux and follow the directions here - https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md for installation.
Also available plugwhich allows users to log in directly from WordPress forum PrimeTime WordPress + Discourse SSOhttps://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/pt-wp-discourse-sso/. The forum script support looks to be working and has gathered a large enough community around it.

Paid forum scripts (including Q&A) for WordPress

As with all paid solutions for WordPress, there are some important details to keep in mind. First of all, support may end overnight, mainly when we buy our plugin from a big marketplace like e.g. Envanto, where someone on the other side website suddenly decides he's had enough or needs to take a two-week vacation.
The second problem is the ability to edit such a script, its creator is not obliged to do so, and the programmer will be hard to find, and when we find, because of unfamiliarity with the solution will want to charge us an adequate rate for the challenge.
It doesn't change the fact that a paid plugin can be a perfect compromise between expenses and what we need at the moment. Mainly when we care about high integration with WordPress (e.g. also user roles), as well as the way it works (e.g. Q&A type forum with closing, opening and rating threads in this via users, who can additionally plug them in themselves, a matter of what we need).
Therefore, everything is largely a matter of finding the right solutions to our needs.

Coupling WordPress and forum script

Before spending a few hundred zlotys on adding user support between a forum script and WordPress, it is worth considering whether we need such a solution. Because in most cases it will be unnecessary.
If we're running blogwe use the comment system Disqus or a regular WordPress one, but we haven't registered users so far, or there are 15 registered users and 5000 readers a week, then there is no need to bother with such a solution. It is better to simply deal with new content and use the system that suits us best, not the one that couples or can be coupled with WordPress.


Each solution has its pros and cons. For example, bbpress will implement everyone, because it is easy to install a plugin for WordPress, but for Mybb we will have the biggest support in Polish, and for Discourse We will get our hands on a real forum with the disadvantage that you have to know a little bit about its installation.


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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