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Free skins and plugins for WordPress - downsides

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As the popularity of WordPress There is a growing number of people who want to use our trust and openness to do their own business, taking advantage of our laziness, stinginess and of course lack of thinking.


You open the gate to your site yourself

Website security is a river topic. All things aside, co can be do for safety its websitesit's worth saying a few words about what we shouldn't do.

In this regard, I present some comments:

Copying ready code from forum with external library

Not all of us like to code, but all of us know how to paste code from forum. Unfortunately, this is not always best option. When you do not use the javascipt libraries on your server, but only those provided by via other people you can cut yourself not only on additional code, which creates links on your pagesThe first one leads to other sites, but also one that starts collecting data Your websites. Of course, in the case of the usual blog It does not seem to be a big problem, de facto everything is still "online" anyway. However, if we have many registered in our database users, their email addresses and data may be downloaded, and thus they will have to prepare themselves for a fair amount of spam. This problem is also visible when we have many people commenting on our entries.

Like get before defend it? Let's not blindly copy everything that is available on the forums, but let's be cautious about the solutions we find there.

Themes with built-in add-ons

Free themeThere is no shortage of them for WordPress. However, the most interesting are usually not those already present in the official source, but those available for download from various sites. We go to the theme's producer's website, in 90% cases it is a valuable theme, which already in the free version allows you to create a beautiful website.

But who would walk all those pages? No one, of course. Therefore typically in Google we enter "best top 10 wordpress free themes", "wordpress free themes for bussiness" etc.


On the pages we have no longer one, but 10, 20, and sometimes even 100 collected motives from various sites. We download the one we are interested in, install it and after a month it turns out that we store 50GB on our server videothat, photos whether other data that wasn't there, how is that possible? When we clicked the button DOWNLOAD MOTIFIn fact, we didn't download it from the website of the company that wrote it, but from an external source. The theme looks the same, works the same, but unfortunately more and more often it has malicious code.

Plugins from outside the official source

A very similar theme to point 2. If you download a plugin from a forum that has been "enhanced", is supposed to "work faster", or simply offers this solution rather than another, then unfortunately in addition you may also receive a bonus in the form of malicious code.

Free themes and plugins that you pay for

We all like to save a few pennies on beer. In that case, why not look for paid themes online? Thinking as shallow as a puddle after the morning dew. Most of all malicious programming can be found in free themes that are normally paid for.

Another problem is related to the fact that due to the complexity of such a theme, it is very hard to find malicious code.

What to watch out for?

First of all, on sites that offer paid themes for free, forums and blogs that link immediately to the package with the theme, instead of subpages their creators. It's worth paying attention to all the motifs and plugs taken from outside official sources.

Inaczej możemy dostać niespodziewaną wiadomość od hostingu, że serwer jest pełny, albo właśnie limit transferu został osiągnięty. Często również nagle okazuje, że nasza witryna linkuje do kilku tysięcy innych witryn.


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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