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Google Tag Manager and WordPress - an instant recipe

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Google Tag Menager is quite a tool from the world's largest corporation. Boldly can be say that it is now a must have for any marketing effort. Like this subject in an instant, using WordPress?

What exactly is Google Tag Menager?

Tool made available via Google for simple management of tools for e.g. data collection.


1. Initially, we go in and log in here: https://www.google.com/analytics/tag-manager/ Then we fill in all the necessary fields, enter the name of our ID and of course select the WEB box.


2. Then we have no choice but to accept the terms and conditions. Then we will see our code right away.

tag-install3. W panel tagmanager.google.com we need to go to the TAGS option, then select NEW. For a good start, let's choose Google Analytics.


4. Then simply select the type of code, enter the ID websitesThen mark, when the code should be active and this way we have ready our first tag in the manager.


5. Then we enter the name of our tag and everything is ready. Of course we can freely expand our manager by adding more tags.

Google Tag Menager on WordPress

At WordPress We can easily install these tags in the normal way or use plugs DuracellTomi's Google Tag Manager for WordPress. You might think that it is not necessary, but nothing could be further from the truth. The more we work with, read about and use Google Tag Menager, the more accurate we will try to be. Plugin allows us to immediately set some options, make the code inactive on selected pages, whether disable individual tags on a given website.

After installing the plugin you just need to enter the Tag Menager Id, we can download it for example from the code: