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How to add PayPal shopping cart in WordPress?

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If you have blog or pagesa private one based on WordPressyou may need to add an option to sell products directly on this website without a strong conversion. For example, you want to sell your own books, courses, handmade products, etc. In this case, setting up a separate store based on one of the popular eCMS is not a rational approach.

We present an alternative solution, which will be much simpler and will fully meet your needs. This is a free plugin WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart whereby can be sell the product and receive payment through your account PayPal. It allows you to add to the shopping cart page to complete your order and pay for the product with a bank card.

Installing the plug-in

You can install the plugin directly from the repository WordPress. Therefore go into panel administrative websites under Plugins => Add New. Next, in the "Keyword" field, you need to enter the plugin name "WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart."

Plugin settings

After installing the plug-in, plug it inwhetherć. Then, in the administration panel, you will see the section Cart Orders chapter WP Basket in section Settings. We will go to the section mentioned above Settings => WP Basket.
2Like can be seen in the figure above, the plugin options are divided into 3 groups, which are located in the corresponding tabs: General Settings, Email Settings, Coupon/Discount. Under General Settings you can manage the appearance of the shopping cart and the button Add to Cart.

Since our post is informative, let's leave all the above options unchanged. However, at the time of using the plugin, you must not only adjust the look of the buttons to your own needs, but also insert the correct data for your PayPal account to receive payments from customers.

Some of the options under General Settings is translated into Polish. On other tabs unfortunately everything is in English. We move to the next tab Email Settings. Here the user can set up incoming notifications to the client's email and create templates news email. In our case, let's leave these options unchanged. But we will draw your attention that the content of thewpIt directly affects the conversion rate on the website. So, you need to take a responsible approach to writing notifications sent to customers.
4Under Coupon/Discount You can create coupons with discounts to engage customers to purchase products. For example, we will create one 25% discount coupon. So we will fill in all the fields and click the button Save Coupon.
5To be able to use the coupons during the purchase of products, the option must be activated Enable Discount Coupon Feature available on this tab.
Once all the options are set, we can move on to testing our plugin.

Testing the plug-in

We will now create an entry on the page with the product description and add a button to it I buy. We will connect a shopping cart to the side panel so that our order will be visible when we go to another page websites. And at the very end we will test how the discount works and the process of buying the product.
We'll start testing by creating a product entry. Let's do it the traditional way, by selecting in the admin panel the section Entries => Add new. After adding the necessary product information, let's insert the button I buy. In order to do that you need to use shortcodewhich is described under General Settings plugs.

[wp_cart_button name="" price=""]

Attribute button name is the name of the product, and price - price. In our case this shorcode looks like thisco:

[wp_cart_button name="First Book" price="29.95"]

After saving all changes, we go to the product page.
As you can see there is a button which can be clicked to add the product to the cart. But currently we do not have the cart on the page. So we go to the next step.
We're going to add a shopping cart to the side panel. Therefore, we will go to the section Appearance => Widgets. Of the areas available for widgetthen select the side panel and add the widget to it Text. The following must be entered in the content field shortcode:


7Now we can move on to testing the order. First of all, we will use the coupon created when setting up the plugin. It is a coupon "Discount25"which we add to the appropriate field Enter Coupon Code. After the coupon was validated, the product price decreased by 25% respectively.
To buy a product, go to the payment window by clicking on the link PayPal payment - fast, free and secure! at the bottom of the shopping cart. Then go to the page we will complete the purchase using your PayPal account, debit or credit card.


Plugin WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is admittedly a very simple solution for implementing micropayments on your website. If you are planning to sell your own courses or books but do not want to create a web shop, this plug-in will meet all your needs.


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