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How to build an SEO backend? Free help from SeoWay

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A prosperous thematic portal, forum Internet, directory pages Or even an online store as an SEO backend? This is becoming an everyday occurrence in the SEO arena. After the recent actions of the team Googlewhich focused on the quality of the built pages - poor quality SEO backlinks no longer helped in positioning the target domains. What Worse, they started to get in the way.

Identical linking scheme, duplicate texts of poor quality, graphic design duplicated on thousands of pages - list the features of a weak SEO background can be over and over again. Today, the trick is to build an SEO backend that doesn't look, like background. Such websites are among us, such parties are successful, transferring that success to domains target audience. This is what the free handbook issued via team SeoWay.

Ebook puts before The book answers all the important questions in a clear and tested way, giving you ideas for your own valuable SEO back-end. The guide also describes ready-made solutions for those who want to test the validity of building a valuable SEO back-end.

At the very beginning, the guide touches on the type of SEO background and internal linking schemes for each site (described on example models). In the next part you will learn, where buy a domain (or capture a domain with history), what hosting choose which script to bet on, where to get high quality content for backstorieshow to beautify a built site with an interesting layout and how to link pages to gain in the eyes of the algorithm Google.

The last section of the tutorial is an extensive case study on the domain of one of SeoWay's clients, for which a high-quality backend was created. Based on the test, the extensive tutorial is summarized.

The free ebook can be found at website ebook.seoway.pl. Feel free to download the comprehensive pdf, which will provide you with many interesting topics to think about and many valuable tips to implement in the process of building your own SEO backend.

Dariusz Jurek

O Dariusz Jurek

My name is Dariusz Jurek and has been dealing with the subject of marketing on the Internet for 7 years. Currently he works in Marketing System as Head of SEO and together with his team he handles campaigns and strategies in search engines for key clients of our company.
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