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How to quickly create your own 404 error page?

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Website Internet to be user-friendly users should meet a number of requirements. At this it is not only about the style of design or the presence of extensive options. At the time of designing websites It is important to take into account various small things that directly affect its image. One of such things, which should be remembered by every webmaster and owner of websites, there is its own page of errors, including a page for bug 404.

Probably many times while surfing the Internet you have come across websites which no longer exist: they have been deleted or moved to a new location. Thus, in the window of your browser the corresponding message with error 404 appeared. At the same time, the displayed information had a different appearance:

Standard server response. It is a text in English on the background informing about no appropriate page (Fig.1):

Figure 1: 404 error - server response

Figure 1: 404 error - server response

Before users of the system WordPress using the default theme (Twenty Fifteen) the following message appears (fig.2):


Figure 2.404 error page in WordPress

Not only is your own 404 error page original, but you can also reduce your rejection rate and encourage users who hit it, to move on pagesThe main page of the website. As an example, we can give the 404 error page of the company TemplateMonster (Figure 3) and Answear. (fig.4).


Figure 3: Custom 404 error page - TemplateMonster

Figure 4.Custom 404 error page - Answear.

Figure 4: Custom 404 error page - Answear.

We can say with a high degree of certainty that among the sites we met, the most impressive were the dedicated solutions that had an original design. And there is nothing strange about that. It is known that a customer buys with his eyes.  Therefore An important role for building a friendly image of the website plays the aesthetics of the 404 error page design. So we will present you one of the possible solutions that will allow you to easily create such a page. Like we mentioned above WordPress has a standard 404 error page that is part of the theme. Therefore, the look of this page depends on the theme you are using and in case of paid solutions, it can have its own creative design. And since we are using the standard Twenty Fifteen theme, this page looks like the following (Figure 2)which we would like to replace. For this task we will use a plugin 404pagewhich is available on the WordPress repositories.

It has been downloaded over 10000 times and has a good rating, co confirms its users' trust. The popularity of this plugin is mainly related to its simplicity and functionality. It allows you to create and modify the 404 error page directly from panel administrative WordPress as opposed to creating or editing a dedicated theme file 404.php. This way is convenient for novice users who do not have technical knowledge.

1. Add a new plugin directly from the WordPress repository (fig.5).


Figure 5. Installing the plug-in 404page

2. After installation, we proceed to make the appropriate settings. Therefore, in the section Appearance choose 404 Error Page (it will appear after switching on our plug-in). In the new window, we can choose the page that will be displayed in case of an error (fig.6).

Figure 6.404page plugin settings

Figure 6: 404page plugin settings

3. As you can see from Figure 6 In case of 404 error the default page of the theme is displayed. To create your own 404 error page, you need to go to the appropriate Pages section and add a new subpage. And that is what we will do.
In a new window, using the standard WordPress content editor options, we will add an image indicating the error and text link to main. Then save the changes by clicking Publish (fig.7).


Figure 7.Creating a 404 error page

4. Now we can go back to the 404page plugin settings. In the section Page to be displayed as 404 page select the previously created page (Figure 8).

Figure 8.404page plugin settings

Figure 8: 404page plugin settings

5. Then we can check how the page will be displayed. Therefore, we click on the button Test 404 error. The following page will open in your browser (Figure 9):

Figure 9: 404 error page

Figure 9: 404 error page

Potential problems

In version 2.1, there was an option to choose the compatibility of the specified plugin with the used themes. In most cases, manufacturers motives use WordPress Template System to detect the 404 error page. But they may use their own solutions, in which case plug 404 will not work properly. That's why the following option has been built into the plugin Operating method to select a compatibility mode. Mode Standard Mode, which should be used when the theme supports the WordPress Template System. Otherwise, select the mode Compatibility Mode.


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