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How to set up a local google business card for a business + verification - step by step?

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1. We're going in address given below. We will see a big map with a box in the upper left corner


2. Check the boxes as above (unless you are interested in information about new services, etc.) Click the blue "Next" button

3. Enter our company name in the field search-your-company and click "Enter"

4. Now the case may be twofold:

If there are search results
If the company name exists in the database or there are companies with a similar name we will get similar results to those below


If the data corresponding to your company is not on the list, click "No, these are not my companies".

If search results are missing
Conversely, if no results are available for the specified via You get the names co¶ such as this:


Then click "The company name and address entered are correct".

5. The next step for both options will be identical and we will get form to be filled in with basic company data. The biggest problem will probably be choosing a category because Google didn't make sure the list was very extensive. Once completed, we confirm.

6. We will get the first stage of verification looking as follows:


This article describes only one way to verify via postcard Google. I did not consider other ways of phone and SMS.

7. Click on the highlighted box. In the box, enter your First Name and Last Name on which a postcard with a PIN code should arrive:


8. Then click "Send Postcard". After the message

We will now add your company to Google
Your company will display as unverified until you enter your PIN (don't wait - it's only valid for 30 days).

Click "Next" and wait a moment for Google to create a business card.

9. The time after which it comes showcase Google varies from 2 weeks to a month.

10. When we get the postcard, we go to our panel business card and then click on the "Enter PIN" buttonpass-the-pin

11. Enter the six-digit code into the blue highlighted field and click validation

12. Don't forget to fill in the details on your business card.

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