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How to transfer all theme settings to a new WordPress site?

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Installing the plug-in

When creating websites www you have certainly had to choose a theme and further adapt it to the needs of the project. At the same time more and more graphic designs for WordPress have extensive personalization options, which are collected in the appropriate section panel administrative.

Thanks to this you have the possibility to make various changes in the appearance of the site and check their result on the flyco. And what is most important - without manually editing the code! On the other hand, you have to spend more time to grasp all these options and choose the right meanings for each page element.

Figure 1: Customization options in the Monstroid2 theme

What if you were creating pageson the local server and hosting test theme? Or do you want to move options from the parent theme to the child theme? Then you will need to keep the changes you made to the theme. Do it can be by means of copying database and saving the site files. But this approach requires you to have additional skills and is time consuming. Therefore We will show an alternative solution, which will make this process much simpler and faster. And it will be convenient also for beginners, like and advanced users WordPress.

We'll use the plug-in Customizer Export/Importwhich is on the repository WordPress. You can install it directly from the server. Therefore, we will go to the Plugins - Add new section. Next, enter the name of the plug-in in the search field, install and enable it (Fig. 2).

Figure 2. Installing the plug-in Customizer Export/Import

Another advantage of Customizer Export/Import is that you don't have to configure it. After installing the plugin, you can proceed to save the options of your theme. Therefore, select the Appearance - Personalization section (Fig. 3).

Figure 3: Options for customizing the theme

As you can see, at the end of the list there is Export/Import chapter (Fig. 3). Go to it.

The Export option allows you to download a *.dat file with all the customization options of your theme. Please note, this file will not store all the settings from dashboard, for example page name, page description, etc. Also the file will not be containsł graphic elements that can be used as logos and backgrounds. They must be manually added to a new page.
The Import option allows you to upload a saved *.dat file to a page that has the same theme. In doing so amendment The appearance of the page is done on the fly and takes a few seconds (depends on the technical characteristics of the server and the number of options).


Customizing a theme is a matter that requires time and patience. Therefore, when you have found the color balance, set the menus, widgets, then in case of moving the site you would not like to repeat the same happening again. With the help of the above plugin you can save theme options and then upload them to your new site. Unfortunately, this solution does not transfer the image files, so you have to copy them manually. However, it is very handy if you want to save the parent theme options and transfer them to a child theme within the same site.


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