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How to position your image in Google results - or rel author in practice

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Most of you have probably wondered like make it so that in the search results next to the written via us the article displayed snapshot. I was getting these questions mostly Of all concerning SEO. In this article, I will try to clear all your doubts and take you through the process step by step. If you have pagesbased on CMS WordPress please go straight to "For users WordPress-a".

1. The most important aspect with this process is to add the code below:

Author: https://plus.google.com/108353545722024372754/" rel="author">Wojciech Władziński

The example is based on my profile at Google Plus and change it address to your profile and your name, naturally.

2. I recommend that you put the code in the code below the article/post

3. Then we go private Google Profile+ via address plus.google.com and then:

3.1 Click the button homepage and select the "profile" link from the list

3.2 Go to the "About me" tab

3.3 In the bottom section websites o look for the "Links" box in which we click Edit

3.4 We are looking for the section "I'm involved in" as in the following picture


3.5 Click Add your own link

3.6 Fill in the "Label" field, where you enter the name of your site, e.g. "Seowordpress" and Url address in which there should be the address of our website e.g. "www.seowordpress.pl"

3.7 Click Save

For WordPress users

To perform this operation without editing the page code, you need to install a plug-in called Authorsure. Next, we go to the plugin options in the WordPress dashboard by:

Settings -> Authorsure

In the settings, check the options as in the screens below.



The example is based on my profile on Google Plus and change the numbers in it address to your profile and your name, naturally.

Testing of extended descriptions

1. We go to the address:


2. Type in url article/post (e.g. https://www.seowordpress.pl/jak-ustawic-swoje-zdjecie-w-wynikach-google-czyli-rel-author-w-praktyce/) in the field created for this purpose and click preview
3. We should get this result


You can read about fixing any bugs from the tool here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/bledy-testowania-rich-snippets/

Wojciech Wladzinski

O Wojciech Wladzinski

I have been dealing with SEO industry since 2008. At co day senior SEO specialist in the company Seogroup. I create and optimize large websites as well as smaller ones. I am particularly fond of the environment WordPresswhich, despite popular belief, is not just a blogging platform.
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