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How to choose a seo company, what the client should pay attention to

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Finding the right SEO company is one of the key problemThis process is difficult because today's "ocean of spam" and unreliable statistics make it hard to find an honest company to cooperate with. This process is difficult because in today's "ocean of spam" and unreliable statistics it is hard to find an honest company to cooperate with. SEO market with its already damaged reputation is not easy. In this article I will try to bring closer the issue of choosing a positioning company.

How to choose a positioning company

SEO is becoming more and more of an important part of running an internet related (though not only) but also increasingly competitive business every year. If you run a business then probably nie możesz pozwolić sobie na nie inwestowanie w kampanię pod search engines internetowe. Kiedy zaprojektujesz i stworzysz swoją pagesIf you are a marketer, then having organic traffic is a matter of course. After some time your industry becomes more and more competitive and what you can do on your own is not enough. Then the rational step is to contact a company that deals with this professionally. Here the question arises like Find one that will reliably take care of your website?

So, where to start? By typing in search terms such as placement websites will appear to us a huge number of them. Which one to choose? You should definitely spend some time analyzing them. Remember that sending a request to a positioning company in no way binds you to their services permanently.

I invite you to visit the section Business cards of companiesin which I try to present best - close SEO companies in Poland

Many people don't realize that most of their competitors' sites are not optimized for search engines. New site owners need to decide whether they want them website was properly built (optimized for SEO) - co Of course, the best thing to do before its release into the world. The key question for each of you is. Is your team or you alone able to make such optimization changes. All pros and cons should be considered. There is no denying that introducing full optimisation into effect will consume a large amount of resources (depending on its size) - speaking of course of more than changing meta tags.

Without in-depth analysis it is almost impossible to see how much work is required. Do you have JavaScript-based navigation? Is your content contained in images or frames? Or is it duplicated within websites? Is the internal linking structure correct ? etc. Probably most of you will not be able to answer such questions. That's why you should be interested in conducting an actual site assessment. Audit made via external company should be strictly adjusted to your website - it should not containsto provide only general guidelines.

Also remember that sometimes clients themselves are to blame. They pressure the SEOs to work as fast as possible. So SEO specialists decide to use illegal methods in order not to lose orders. And even if they stay with acceptable measures, they increase the rate of link creation and "arouse suspicion" of search mechanisms.

Dear Client: Remember! SEO is a long and constant process that is why (in most cases) you have to wait for the effect of the actions carried out.

Let's move on to the main purpose of this article. Below you will find some tips that may be useful to you in choosing the right company. So:

1. verify contact information

If the company states the exact address use the search engine Google to see if it's real-- Google. Every SEO company should have one. If additionally a phone number is provided, call to inquire about the offer. If there is no such information - let it go.

2. visit blogs and forums on SEO

Try to find feedback on the topic of a given company on professional forums or blogs strictly related to SEO. Don't be afraid to start threads/comments with queries about a particular company.

3. avoid companies that advertise with mass mailings (spam)

The best option after receiving such news is to remove it immediately.

4. check how the company's website is structured

Pay attention to the visual part of the website. Professional companies always make sure that their website is clear and intuitive. Check the quality of content on website. Copy parts of the text and google them to see if they are copied.

5. don't make uninformed decisions

6. how long has the company been in business?

The length of time a company has been in operation is an excellent reflection of how stable the company is and how good they are at what they do. Obviously, the longer they operate the better.

7. do they write articles about SEO?

Check if the company has a blog or other form of service where it publishes thematic and unique articles. If so, it will mean that the company has a team with knowledge and experience.

8. always read the contract carefully

9. expect specific answers

Ask some questions by email and evaluate how they were answered for you.

10. does the company practice Black Hat techniques?

Very important! Always ask yourself if the company uses unethical SEO techniques. You can read more on this topic here

11. check which clients the company is positioning

Check the company's portfolio before making a decision. If they don't have this information on their website - something is wrong.

12. ask what actions will be taken during optimization

If a company hides the methods it uses for SEO - let it go.

Avoid companies that promise a very large number of links in a short time (e.g. 1000 links in a month).

No company can "generate" that many links using ethical link acquisition methods.

14. you have yet Any helpful tips? Write in the comments!

Debunking myths

There are a few myths that I think are worth dispelling:

  • Myth #1 - SEO companies with the best positions for SEO related phrases are the best.
  • Myth No. 2 - SEO consulting is all you need.
  • Myth No. 3 - SEO Company must be from your town.
  • Myth #4 - Page Rank is a reflection of the real power of a page and has a big impact on rankings.
  • Myth No. 5 - SEO is a one-time activity - Remember that SEO is an ongoing activity and not a one-time action.

Source: blog.virtal.pl

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