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Hreflang - How to implement an attribute into WordPress

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If you have pagesIt is useful to know how to label the different language versions in order to Google was able to flawlessly detect which domain or directory was directed to which location. Today I will show how to implement such changes in WordPress.

What is rel="Alternate" Hreflang="x" used for ?

Many sites are global in nature, with content translated into different languages and targeted to users from specific regions. Attributes rel="alternate" hreflang="x" allow Google display addresses URL in the relevant language or regional version in the search results.

More information about this like tag hreflang can be found here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/189077?hl=pl

The hreflang attribute works on the level of individual subpages so it is necessary to mark them 1 to 1 if they have counterparts in another language version. It is also important that both language versions have return tags (i.e. website A linked to B and vice versa) 


There are several ways to implement the hreflang tag on your website. First, check how your site is translated:

1. translation plugins

If you use plugs dedicated to translation its websites setting up the tags will be very easy:

WPML (paid) - at the moment I think best plugin for creating WP-based multilingual sites - has a built-in option to generate hreflang tags. You just need to turn it onwhetherm in Languages => SEO Options by checking the option shown below:


Polylang (free) - this plug When properly configured, it does so automatically.

2. website translated manually (without plugins)

2.1 Install the plug-in - Language Selector Related

2.2 Go to plugin settings and set tags for the page main. We add another attribute by


Website seowordpress.pl has no other language version so also the entered options are only examples

 If we have set any static page as home page (in "Settings => Reading") we will have to enter edit selected page and set the tags for it in the section highlighted in the following picture.

The plugin has separate options to set the language for each section of our websites Like the home page, categories / tags:


Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/language-selector-related/screenshots/

and posts and pages. This is what the panel looks like for the latter:


Source : https://wordpress.org/plugins/language-selector-related/screenshots/

Without a problem, we can also link to other domains - if, for example, we have another version on a separate installation.

International targeting in GWT (Search Console)

To trial the correctness of our changes you should google Webmastertools (Seach Console) go to the Search Traffic => International Targeting tab. Remember that the data collected earlier needs time to refresh. After implementing the changes, bring the Google bot to your site (short handbook You can find out how to do it here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/jak-szybciej-zaindeksowac-adres-url-pobierz-jako-google/). Just remembering that in the last step we select "Index this URL and its direct links".

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