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[INOFGRAPHIC] 10th Birthday of WordPress

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WordPress this year celebrates with Automattic - the offspring company WordPress Foundation 10th birthday. It plays a significant role in the development of the CMS. Therefore we'll try to say more about it to understand why, for a large number of people, Automattic's birthday is the second birthday of the very WordPress.

In 2001, a programmer Michael Valdrigi started working on a prototype CMS for blogand he called his project b2. After some time he was joined by Matt Mullenweg i Mike Little, co allowed the team to move forward with the project. The three worked on their system (which was called b2/cafeblog) until early 2003, until opinions were divided within the team. Finally, in Michael Valdriga "finishedwhetherenthusiasm waned" and he left the project. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little did not close b2/cafeblog, however. They took promising pieces of code from the project and started working on a new system, which was eventually named WordPress . The first official version of this system appeared on the world May 27, 2003 as WordPress 0.7.
Three months later, in September 2003, the number of users WordPress grew to 15000 . Such popularity of the system was mainly due to the lack of competition and openness of the product.
This is how WordPress quickly gained new users, most of whom were developers, which was a very good factor for the development of the system. Developers contributed important code fixes that fixed existing bugs and added new extensions. They did all this completely for free! This general work of programmers from all over the world made a simple blog system, which it was in 2003, into a fully functional CMS by mid-2005.
In 2005, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg decided that from his hobbyist project can be get a profit, so he left his job at CNET and started a company in August Automattic. From that time a new very important stage for the WordPress CMSIt is the second birthday of WordPress, which allowed the system to develop very dynamically. That's why web developers associate Automattic's creation as the second birthday of WordPress itself. And it's hard not to agree with them.

After ten years of active work Automattic can boast of its achievements. Using the WordPress system, 2.5 billion posts, 3 billion comments have been created (see more in the infographic below). Among the company's best and most famous projects are: Jetpack, Cloudup, WooCommerce, Akismet, Simplenote, VaultPress, Gravatar, Polldaddy, Longreads, Simperium.

10 years_wp&automattic

Today, WordPress is the most popular platform for implementing pages online. Besides, it is free of charge. WordPress is used by millions of people from different business industries: writers, photographers, artists, publishers, businessmen. Pages www, based on this system, are 24 % All websites on the web.
We hope that these 10 years - this is just the beginning for WordPress and Automattic and look forward to their yet greater achievements! Which we wish for them too!


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