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Reduce Bounce Rate with Reduce Bounce Rate

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Today's article will be devoted to the plugin for WordPress named: Reduce Bounce Rate, which will "magically" lower our Google Analytics rejection rate. Like is it possible? How to do it? I invite you to read the following article.

Link to plugs: https://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/reduce-bounce-rate/

More about the rejection rate and its optimisation at website you can read it here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/wspolczynnik-odrzucen-czym-jest-i-jak-do-obnizyc/ 

Proof that the method works

Example 1.


Downgrade from 65% to 15-20%

Example 2.


Decrease from 80% to ~10%

Configuration possibilities

Go to Settings => Reduce Bounce Rate

  1. Possibility to change the type of analytics code implemented on our site. Asynchronous (new), ga.js (old) and generated via Yoast
  2. Sending information when scrolling websites together with the fixing of a percentage thereof
  3. Change the frequency of the information sent
  4. Changing the tracking time user on one subpage

How does it work?

Google Analytics calculates time spent on the site based on the time between entering the site and the last pagesThe script added to the page code (it is important that it is directly under the Analytics code) by the above mentioned plugin reduces significantly the number of pages displayed by it. The script added to the page code (it is important that it is directly under the Analytics code) by the above mentioned plug-in reduces significantly time of sending information to Google (up to 10 seconds by default) about the fact that the user is still on website or that some action (such as a scroll) has been performed. This will ensure that Google does not consider the page as rejected in this timeframe.

The sample code generated by the plugin looks like this:


How is it in your case? Do you use the plug-in? Do maybe you do it the "manual method" ? Do you think this method makes sense ? Share in the comments

Photo the thumbnail is from:https://en.wordpress.org/plugins/reduce-bounce-rate/

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