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Managing hundreds of back-end pages - how not to get lost in it

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Even as algorithm updates are rolled out Google, a good background is still the basis for effective positioning. Website A back-end resembling a professional website, high quality texts supplemented with graphic elements may bring the expected effects of SEO actions. However, the strength is having a well-developed background, consisting even of several dozen pages backlinks. But how not to get lost in all this? How to manage your sites so as not to waste time unnecessarily?


Everyone who at least once tried to "embrace" just a dozen or so back-office websites is well aware of the time-consuming nature of such activities. Switching from one websites on the other, adding the appropriate textthat, photos whether materials video...controlling it, co has already been posted, removal Single elements, verification of the number of outgoing links and checking the wrong ones makes it easy to get lost in it all. A lot of confusion is caused by having a dozen or so websites, but what if we have to manage a hundred of them?

The entire back office available from a single panel, that is the essence of WPSEO

That's what you need-- access to all back-end pages that can be managed from one panel. This would make oversight of sites much easier. Instead of logging into each domains individually and individually add content or make any changes, it would be better to obtain data for logins to one universal account and conduct specific activities from there.

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If you think that this is the option that would solve your backend problems, get to know WPSEO. It is an advanced tool thanks to which SEO activities can be significantly improve. It was created for people who care about effective positioning with a powerful resource, and who do not want to get lost while managing each website separately.

WPSEO is a tool that offers a wide range of possibilities - from creating a WordPress-based back-end website from scratch to convenient and fast management and statistics analysis. From the same panel you get access to all installed back-end websites, and the newly introduced feature allows you to link your existing ones as well. blogexternal ones. The inconvenience of constant re-logging has been eliminated, and website management has become more streamlined and transparent.

Use random skins or upload your own

WPSEO allows you to choose interesting skins gathered in a repository. With one click you can change templateThe new functionality allows you to upload your own templates for all or selected domains. And if you don't like any of the skins, the new functionality allows you to upload your own template via panel.

Perform bulk operations

Use of WPSEO gives you the ability to perform bulk operations. Instead of individually entering updatesinstall plugins or remove entriesNow you can do it all at once on selected backend pages. Without having to log in to each domain separately, with a few clicks you can make changes and do them all at once. So you don't have to remember which backstories have already been updated, and which require the installation of additional pluginof these processes. WPSEO allows full automation of these processes, so there is no need to perform them in fragments.

Analyse statistics

WPSEO also allows you to use statistics. Thanks to newly introduced functionalities you will find out:

  • how the percentage distribution of anchors is presented,
  • what are mostly linked domains,
  • which outbound links are wrong,
  • which pages are wrong,
  • which domains are most often linked,
  • how many links are coming out of the domain,
  • How many links, on average, come out of a post,
  • how many characters are averaged,
  • how many articles in total were published on one website, etc.

Among other things, you will receive this information directly from the panel. With such data, you can easily modify links and adapt content to specific requirements. And all this without having to switch to individual domains.

Generate Reports

Using this SEO tool also gives you the ability to generate detailed reports. With this, you can easily import data into other analytics tools.

With WPSEO the back-end will be difficult to detect by Google

Apart from more efficient and more effective management of back-end pages, this tool has yet one advantage. Thanks to WPSEO, the probability of detection of the backend by Google is reduced to a minimum. The tool guarantees maximum domain diversification - both in terms of IPs, C classes, geolocation or autonomous systems (so called ASes). When building a powerful backend it works perfectly - it's hard to guess that all websites belong to one owner.

Take advantage of free access to WPSEO and for 14 days test its capabilities. You will quickly find out that it is a very good tool for managing even a hundred back-end pages.

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