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Many authors on WordPress, some ways to solve problems

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Teamwork is co¶, with what speed whether later, each of us will collide. When it comes to bloggers, usually this problem is created when our site grows or when a new project requires the participation of more, like one person since the beginning of time.

Go ahead, can be say that by default WordPress supports teamwork. Each author has his own account, where he creates content. This content is assigned to him, and he can edit his entries and manage them. However, this is not 100% optimal or in other words, it is often not sufficient. Therefore also in this article I present a few more or less suitable for your needs ways to make group work (not only the one based on WordPress) to optimize it. At the outset, let me post some general comments.

Authors, writers, editors, content creators...

Whatever you call content influencers, it's worth remembering that it's their responsibility to create the most interesting content possible, and our responsibility to control what they write.

That's why it's good practice to review what they create and have your own portal in your RSS reader. A lot of authors means a lot of opportunities for image damage Your websites. On the other hand, as long as you don't run a gossip portal, and the content on your site is definitely more ambitious, it's worth trying to introduce the author, both under a given entry, and prepare a special dedicated to him pageswhere readers will find not only information about him or contactThe "feeds" of an author are not only the ones you read, but also all of his or her posts. This will allow you to see which authors get a lot of attention from your readers (e.g., by determining how many people over the course of 2-3 months have searched for more information about that author or only subscribe to their RSS feed).


In conclusion, authors need to be visible, it is their content that is of interest to readers or not. If theme there is no default box with the author, you can use plugs Fancier Authorbox by Themato Soup whether WP Author Box Lite.
When an entry has more than one author, it is worth using the plugin Co-Authors Plusbecause by default WordPress does not take this situation into account.

Statistics will tell you the truth

The most important thing is... visitation. After all, it is directly from them that the funds for the upkeep websites Internet. Therefore, constantly analyze which authors bring better benefits.

You can do this in several ways, for example by using the PIWIKwhich, when properly configured, will show you clearly and distinctly which authors are the most read. You can also use a plugin for this purpose Google Analytics Dashboard for WPwhich will help you configure such information for Google Analytics. If you want to set up author tracking yourself, I recommend this handbook ( http://www.vsellis.com/add-author-tracking-google-analytics-wordpress-website/ ).


Earnings and its control?

If you want to provide authors with the opportunity to earn money from their posts, you have a few avenues. One option is to give them space for their own ads, i.e. dedicated widgets for each author on subpages of with their entries or using a plugin such as Multi-Author AdSense. Of course, the easiest way is to make authors accountable for the text they write, and motivate them with an additional performance bonus.

The work proper, that is, we write the entry

1. we solve the communication problem

Many tools can be used for group work: Trello, disk Google, miniCRM, some apps ToDo or built-in plugins. There is no perfect tool in this case and every team will certainly prefer different solutions. For instant communication, most collaborators use group chat on Facebook.

2 Creating an entry

When it comes to WordPress for scheduling posts, the easiest way is to use Editorial Calendarwhich will allow us to efficiently manage the topics that should be on the site. An alternative to it will of course be the Google calendar, to which all authors have access.

The following may also prove indispensable plug EditFlowwhich will allow us to give an entry more statuses than WordPress normally has built-in. However, if we want the author to never forget about our requirements for the entry, we can use Google Drive with a list of comments or install a plugin Good Writer Checkify. With which we will add a list of things to check before adding an entry.


3. we keep an eye on the entries

So we moderate comments. It is worthwhile for the moderation to be handled by the authors of the entries themselves, so if you are a site administrator, you can install a plugin Comment Moderation E-mail only to Authorso you don't get notified every time someone modifies a comment.

If you use the comment system Disqus, it is also worth installing Disqus Notify Post/Page Authoras well as force authors to have their own account in this system.

Editing one post by multiple authors?

When it comes to editing an entry at once via Many authors, it is definitely the most convenient to use Google Drive for this purpose and put the entry together there. An example of a set of tools we use for one of our projects:

  1. Materials (photos, video) we store in Google Drive.
  2. Assignments, appointments, salary estimate, pay for sponsored posts, larger projects in miniCRM.co.uk.
  3. Content creation requirements for entries are highlighted by SEO BY YOAST i Good Writer Checkify.
  4. We inform all authors about new content through Post Notification by Email.
  5. Because we use Disquswe had to add Disqus Notify Post/Page Author.
  6. The whole thing stands on a paid theme, so the authors subpage and their bio under the post was ready.

If you have your own comments related to the topic, leave them in the comments!


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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