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What is website positioning in the Google search engine

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What is effective website positioning in the Google search engine

Do you run a local business, develop your own online store, or independently promote blog? If the answer is yescothen be sure to familiarize yourself with the concept placement w search engine Google. The number of people who use the resources of the Internet is growing every day. It is in this medium that you will find your clients, fanatics Your brand and promoters of your business.

After the Internet came into existence, there was a lack of programs and tools that would make information from websites available to people. This is how directories of sites were created and quite unexpectedly search engine Googlethat Larry Page and Sergey Brin built. Problem related to the "smog of information" has been solved. The search engine Google instantly gained a monopoly of power in keyword marketing.

What is positioning of websites in the Google search engine

People typing various key phrases into search engines are trying to get answers to their questions. And yet, every business is defined by keywords, through which you can direct people, potential customers to your own website. As a result, there are large SEO / SEM agencies and small positioning companies that have the knowledge of how to direct traffic to the promoted websites from a Google search.

How do you want to get traffic from Google search?

Positioning of websites in the Google search engine.
There are two suggestions for you to choose from:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) - AdWords advertising, where You pay Google for first search engine positions.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - search engine optimization, where you learn to get free traffic from Google search.

By choosing AdWords ads, you pay Google for each click, getting instant one-time traffic to your site. Traffic from ads is useful, for young sites.

Deciding on website positioning you pay SEO agency for earned traffic or high keyword positions in the search engine. Positioning is a process that requires time (about 6 months or more) to get stable traffic from organic results absolutely for free.

A good solution for a website owner is to combine PPC advertising and SEO, which results in full marketing in Google search engine ( SEM ).

What is website positioning?

Effective website positioning consists of performing appropriate actions on website On-site and off-site activities in order to increase the visibility of the website in the Google search engine. You will notice higher visibility after the increase of keywords TOP3, TOP10, or TOP50. High positions of key phrases in the search engine should translate into traffic (not taking into account the seasonality factor), more customers manifested in phone calls, transactions, or inquiries about products or services.

The key to good positioning of a website in the Google search engine is choosing the right keywords, correct and never ending optimization and a thematic link building strategy that eliminates SPAM and other sites artificially built for web robots and positioning from the base of available domains.

It is worth noting that Google's algorithm returns better and better quality search engine results and is constantly learning by using artificial intelligence. Be sure to do search engine optimization according to Google's guidelines.

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