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One more way to add a "back to top of page" button on WordPress

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You'll ask why exactly yet one? It's very simple! For the "go back to the top" option websites" there are a number of solutions. Just search in search engine Googleto come across various tutorials describing how to create a button from scratch (based on jQuery) or using one of the plugs. But which of these solutions to use?

The most popular among users there are ready-made solutions. But even here it is worth considering the choice. Because only on the repository WordPress can be find 1160 plugs (Figure 1)when entering the search engines the keyword "Back to Top".


Figure 1: Plugins in the repository WordPress

Of course, each of the solutions available on website wordpess.org may be used via Country. But before Installing a plug-in you should get acquainted with its rating and functionality. We can recommend you Smooth Scroll Up. It is a simple and functional solution that has been installed by users more than 10,000 times. The plugin options are divided into three sections: basic options (Basic), display options (Display) and advanced options (Advanced). We will briefly go through these options.

Basic options

With these options, the user can select the type of "back to top of page" button. Several variations are available:

  • Image (Image);
  • Icon;
  • Text Link;
  • Pill;
  • Key (Tab).

Depending on the selected type, you will see additional options in the "Basic Options" section. For example, for the "Icon" type, you can select a picture for icons, her size orz position on the site (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Basic options of the Smooth Scroll Up plug-in

Display options

Specified section contains the following options for users (Figure 3):

  • Display on page main (Display in homepage) - allows to display and hide the button on the homepage;
  • Display/hide scroll up element from specific posts or pages allows you to select pages, where hide the "back to top of page" button. Corresponding ID pages and entries should be separated by commas;
  • Display in mobile devices allows you to display and hide the button on the mobile version of the page;
  • Display animation lets you select one of the effects for displaying and hiding the button. You can also turn off the animation;
  • Distance from top before displaying scroll up element sets the number of pixels after which the button will appear when the page is scrolled.

Figure 3: Display options for the Smooth Scroll Up plug-in

Advanced options

This option, according to the name, will be interesting primarily for those who have adequate knowledge of web development, including CSS and JS (fig.4). You can use them to add custom CSS and JS code. This with its page allows you to add your own styles or features for the button.


Figure 4: Display options for the Smooth Scroll Up plug-in

Since we haven't made any changes to our plugin options, we can come to the homepage and check like the "back to top of page" button works (Figure 5).


Figure 5: The "back to top of page" button on the home page

As you can see, in the lower right corner of the screen there is a button with an up arrow. Clicking on it will quickly take us to the beginning of the page, which is what we were expecting.


The above plug Smooth Scroll Up is a good solution for implementing the "go back to the top of the page" option. It not only has a number of settings, but also can be used by different types of users. Beginners will find basic options for adding and managing the button. And those with knowledge of CSS and JS can implement custom styles or features for the button.
So if you are writing long articles or just want to make it easier for your readers to navigate through the "back to top" button - the Smooth Scroll Up plugin will be for you.


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