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Plugins to WP, which you do not know but you should part.6

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In today's article I will present another pack of free plugswhich will certainly be useful for you when creating or expanding your websites with additional features.

Here we go!

WP Page Load Stats

Plugin displays the amount of memory, current and average page load speed and the number of queries to the database in the lower part websites.


Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-page-load-stats/screenshots/

Media Library Categories

Need to categorize your media w panel WordPress? Świetnie w tym celu sprawdzi się Media Library Categories. Filtruj i sortuj obrazki po kategoriach. Jedynym minusem jest to, że w darmowej wersji możemy korzystać z kategorii tych samych, których są utworzone dla entries.

Kraken Image Optimizer

This plugin may be very well known to most of you. But I decided that it's worth to present it here, because I think it's the best available plugin for optimisation images when uploading or mass reduction already existing photos. Just register on website https://kraken.io/ then enter the data in the WordPress admin panel into the newly created fields in the Settings => Media section and with the settings from picture:


Yeloni Exit Popup

Plugin allows you to display a popup with defined content right away before including like you will have to leave pagesę. There are three versions to choose from:

  • Liking and following social profiles
  • Displaying a linked image (e.g. to an offer)
  • Sign up fields for the newsletter

Fact, it is a very intrusive procedure. However, I am sure that in many cases it can be useful.

Comment Redirect

Redirects user for the selected via You WordPress page after it adds a comment to your article.

Leaflet Maps Marker

A feature that comes in very handy on all kinds of pages containing contact information. Plugin contains over 800 different icons that can be used to mark our location on the map in an unusual way Google.

Calculated Fields Form

Create form displaying the result of the action from the formula set in the configuration panel on the basis of data entered by the user.

Enable Media Replace

As the name of the plugin suggests, it activates the option to swap media files with the same names when uploading. By default WordPress adds a 1 (on the first repetition) to the end of the file.


This plugin is useful for portals and other big websites, where a lot of people write authorthat. Thanks to it we will be able to keep track of publications, editions and introductions of all sorts of changes in the administration panel. All data is presented on neat graphs:

There is also support for email notifications when authors make changes or publish. Of course with full configuration panel:

Comment Moderation E-mail only to Author

Plugin that allows you to enable the option of sending emails/notifications ONLY to the authors of a given article. It doesn't have any configuration options.

If Menu

A feature of the plugin is the ability to add a conditional display to individual menu items.


Easy Testimonials

You want to display on the page feedback of your satisfied customers quickly and easily? This is the plugin for you!

Carousel with customer logos? Nothing simpler! A great alternative is also: https://wordpress.org/plugins/kiwi-logo-carousel/

Catch IDs

Very simple but extremely helpful plugin displaying additional column showing page and entry ID in lists.


Source : https://wordpress.org/plugins/catch-ids/screenshots/


You can see the previous part of the series here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/wtyczki-do-wp-ktorych-nie-znasz-a-powinienes-cz-5/

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