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Plugins to WP, which you do not know but you should part.2

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Like the title itself suggests today I will again present some interesting plugswhich you may find useful and not everyone knows about their existence. 

WordPress PopUp

Product from wpmudev ...gentlemen who know the WP like the back of their hand. Best plug to create popups that I know of and I have tested several.


In addition to the standard options for creating and configuring creatives, the plug-in has a drag and drop panel that allows you to specify where our popup to be displayed so we can more precisely target the types we are interested in users.


A plug-in needed by those people who run a service on which many authorof articles. Its main function is to control the publication and changes to articles.

White Label CMS 1.5

Allows you to changesthe design of the backend WordPressIt is also possible to change the design of the website to match its frontend. In other words, it gives you the ability to swap logos, colors, layout and visibility of individual elements. How to use it?

Widget Context

This is an alternative to the plugin Widget Logicwhich I described here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/widget-logic-czyli-wyswietlanie-widgetow-tam-gdzie-chcemy/. Its interface is more user friendly and the display locations are selected by clicking on check boxes, however it has fewer combinations.widget-context

BAN - Blocked Ads Notifier Lite

Adblock You all probably know it. It is, among other things, an extension to the Firefox browser that allows you to block such annoying ads. However, you have to make money somehow - say those who run blog ;).

The creators of this plugin have thought about it and created a solution which consists in displaying, in the place of a blocked ad, the information that we nicely ask for photos ad blocker. Here are her options:


This plugin is nothing but an email notifier to notify users about new posts, pages, images etc. A very cool option is the support for different post types and taxonomy.

Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress

Pagespeed Insights is a Googled tool to measure the basic parameters of loading speed websites. This plugin, in turn, allows you to run this tool directly from panel WP along with additional filters and options. Worth testing 🙂


Source : http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-pagespeed-insights/screenshots/

Google Web Fonts Customizer (GWFC)

Support Google Fonts without digging around in the code.

Gmail Comment Approval

This is a very interesting solution. It allows you to accept comments on WP site directly from gmail. Info of configuration and full operation:


You can find the first part here:

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