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Plugins to WP, which you do not know and you should part 5

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The time has come to present the next - already the fifth - part presenting the list of not so popular plugs albeit with very helpful functionality.

Nav Menu Roles

Adds a new box to menu items allowing it to be displayed only to logged in or not users and with a specific role in WP.


You work with Git-em? If so, check with like You can easily do this through the WP panel.

Show/Hide Content at Set Time

By means of the defined shortcode:

[time-restrict off="2015-01-01"] Content here. [/time-restrict]

We are able to specify the visibility of a given content within a defined date. For example, the above tag allows the content to appear only up to January 1, 2015. If we want the content to appear on a specific date we change from "off" to "on".

Widget Menuizer

Allows to call e.g. sidebar or footer with widgets as menu item.

amr shortcode any widget

Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/amr-shortcode-any-widget/screenshots/

Allows you to display widgets in the content using a shortcode:

do_widget nameidget]

Scroll Triggered Boxes

Displaying the defined via us box - sign up for the newsletter or social - after descending user low websites "When he reads the article / he will be at the bottom of it." Plugin It has basic but sufficient configuration options:

and supports shortcode so we can bundle it with other plugins.

OnePress Social Locker

A feature we all know very well - i.e. discovering content after a like/share on social media. We dress the content in tags:

[sociallocker] Your content. [/sociallocker].


A nice, simple and lightweight plugin for displaying popups. What interestingly created by a Pole, Kuba Mikita, who also created a description for it: http://www.wpart.pl/popslide-wtyczka-do-wyswietlania-minimalistycznych-popupow/

You can see the previous part of the series here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/wtyczki-do-wp-ktorych-nie-znasz-a-powinienes-cz-4/ 

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