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Plugins to WP, which you don't know and you should

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Today I will briefly show and describe some unpopular and yet free plugsthat in specific situations save lives.

Search Meter

The first one allows you to track searches users nad podstawie ich wyszukiwań w naszym WordPress.


Options allow you to changesIt is possible to change the view of statistics depending on a given role and to filter words which are to be stored in the database. Its minus is lack of integration with dynamic search.

In addition to installing this plugin, I strongly recommend running in Google Analytics tracking searches in website:

Administrator => settings-view and then at the bottom websites we'll find:


Lazy Load

This is plugwhich makes the images on the website They only load when they are visible to the user. Does not have configuration options


A very cool plugin that allows you to place tables on pages and entries with the possibility of sorting by shortcode:

[table id= /]

or by means of icons added to the toolbar in the editor textthat one. What Interesting has polish localization. Screenshots from panel can be found here:


Co-Authors Plus

Kolejna bardzo fajna wtyczka pozwalająca przypisać do entries lub do innego typu posta kilku authorTHESE. A new panel is added to the editor:


WP Greet Box

A very crafty plugin that displays greetings to users with the difference that it has options to vary them depending on the page the user came from. Screenshots:


WP Content Copy Protection

Protects before possibility copying content from the site.

Advanced Code Editor

Replaces the basic code editor WordPress on selected via us. I definitely liked rubyblue the best.


What the file

This plug-in is very useful for people starting their adventure with WordPress and more. W admin WordPress toolbar displays the option:


showing the .php file that is used to generate the page we are on.

Video Thumbnails

Allows you to automatic generation of thumbnails / video thumbnails from sources such as like youtube, vimeo, facebook.

You can find the next part of the plugins here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/wtyczki-do-wp-ktorych-nie-znasz-a-powinienes-cz-2/

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