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SEO plugins for WordPress worth looking into

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In today's article, I will present a list of plugsthat are worth downloading to its installations WordPress-a. I will divide them into three categories based on their importance. And so the most important will be in color red, less important in color yellow, and the least green.

Under each plug-in name there is a description showing what the plug-in is used for plugin serves and like use it.

All in SEO Pack / WordPress SEO by Yoast
This is the basic plug, którą zna pewnie większość z Was. Głównie służy ona do definiowania meta tagów dla entries, pages i taxonomy contained in the system. Many people argue about which one is better whether "All in SEO Pack" or perhaps "WordPress SEO by Yoast". For small sites I recommend All in SEO Pack - it is completely sufficient. However, for sites with additional post types and taxonomies Yoast will be a better option. 

Google XML Sitemaps
Simply put, it is a map generator websites in XML format for websites with options to exclude specific resources on website.

Breadcrumb NavXT
It is very possible that your site will not need this extension because many templateIf you do not have it, it is advisable to implement it. Breadcrumb is a kind of additional navigation thanks to which a search engine robot will be able to better navigate the page and users they'll know exactly where they are on the page.

Attachment Pages Redirect
Very often it happens that users WordPress select when adding an attachment (mostly picture) option to link it to the so-called "Attachment Page". This creates unnecessary subpages containing only the image itself already present in the content. Installing this plugin will automatically redirect these generated subpages to address entry (via 301) and if there is no such then to the home page (302) .

kk Star Ratings
This is probably the easiest way to introduce one of the extended descriptions into the search results which is the rating scale.

This plugin will extend your search results in the fastest way with snapshot the author of the article - after a certain configuration in panel plug-in and profile options Google+.  

Comet Cache
A plug-in with a very user-friendly interface and a variety of options for cache-broadcasting content on our website so that our website will load faster for the returning users.

Quick Page-Post Redirect DEV
The plugin allows you to set up redirects for all types of individual resources on your site. It is best to do it via "Redirect Menu > Quick Redirects" although it is possible to do it in single post/page edit.

Brief comments:

  • The address in the "Request" field must begin with a "/"
  • In the "Destination" field, always put the entire URL together with "http://"
  • Redirects set in "Quick Redirects" will not open in a new window. If necessary it is possible to enable such option in redirecting a single post/page

SEO Smart links
Plugin for automatic internal linking in the service. In the field in the panel you can manually add keywords that are to be automatic sublinked. Use commas to separate them and put the destination url at the end. Remember that it is also possible to use external addresses url.

SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2
This plugin collects data about the phrases from which users went to our site through the Google search engine.

Broken Link Checker
Automatic checking for invalid or no longer existing links in the service. Plugin scans articles and pages for internal and external links that no longer work so we can control incorrect outgoing links. WARNING: Heavy load on the server!

Displays an animated box showing links to previous or latest articles (depending on settings) after the user scrolls down to the bottom of the article (reads it).

WP No Category Base
Removes /category/ from category url.

WordPress Meta Robots
For those who only want to have control over index/noindex follow/nofollow dla artykułów – tą opcję posiada także All in SEO Pack

WP Robots Txt
Edit file robots.txt from the WP panel.

Nice Search
Not very complicated plug-in (not even a panel for settings) that creates a nice url's when searching for e.g:
http://www.mojadomena.pl/?s=fraza to http://www.mojadomena.pl/search/fraza

Simple SEO for Paged Comments
The plug-in partially eliminates problem duplicate content within the comment paging. It changes the Title meta tag (adding: comments page x) and converts the content contained in the post into an excerpt (a snippet). This is a very good alternative to using the rel="canonical" tag.

SEO Friendly Image
SEO Friendly Images automatically updates all images contained on the page by adding alt and title attributes based on variables added in the plugin panel.

SEO No Duplicate
The principle of the plugin is very simple. It gives you the ability to give a post or page a rel="canonical" tag. This way can be get rid of the problem of duplicate content.

The last plugin makes it easier to introduce our website to the world of Social Media. Thanks to a clear panel configuration should not be a problem for you.

WP External Links
It makes controlling outbound links easier.

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