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Plugins as tools, or what we need from time to time

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As our site grows and there is more and more of it, we need more and more tools to maintain it. To manage posts, to import data, to perform short blog actions. In this post I present a collection of plugs which are more like tools that are used from time to time. In other words, they are tools that we may use and then...leave them.


AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

You just changed theme or author theme updated it and changed size thumbnails? If you want to improve the look websitesjust install AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild and run it, and it will re-create the thumbnails to match the new settings.


Taxonomy Converter

The extension will be useful mainly for people buying other blogs. Thanks to it we will be able to change the way the content is organized and replace e.g. categories with a tag whether vice versa. It is also worth keeping in mind a similarly working plugin: Convert Post Types.

Empty Tags Remover

Next plugthat will allow us to do a little cleanup after importing another blog.

Under Construction

This plug-in will allow us to disable our blog. It is worth using it with a certain amount of caution. We must remember that the bot Google doesn't get the content while it's active co may result in position drops for selected key phrases.

My WordPress Health Check

It's worth taking the installations of our WordPress to the doctor and check in with him from time to time to make sure he's okay. Thanks to this can be e.g. save the computing power of the server (which is counted in some companies), it is enough to find out about a problem, and this is already a big step forward towards solving it. For example, for one of the sites health check looks like this.


Add To Content

Sometimes as part of some action, optimisation or other activities we need to add some content before or behind an entry. This is exactly what this plugin is for. It allows us to conveniently add any content to the entry.


This is a plugin that some of us will be particularly pleased with. It allows you to see what is really going on inside your wordpress. It's also useful for locating this and that.


Escape NextGen Gallery

This is certainly a plugin that de valued by many people. It allows us to get away with NextGen and switch exclusively to the built-in WordPress galleries.


Sometimes we find ourselves with a client whose passion for writing is admirable, but who knows nothing about the CMS he's using and, in addition, doesn't touch anything in order not to spoil it. Usually the result is that we have a large number of trackbacks and pingbacks, not to mention thousands of spam comments.

With help comes WP plugin-Optimize which we can easily do quite a bit of cleanup. Note, however, it is worth making a backup of the database before action, just in case.


The organizing tools themselves leave... a mess. With their own entries in the database. Besides, there is a small chance of messing up your WordPress installation because sometimes such plugins misread their own settings for motives. So I recommend before any work to make a backup websites.

Do you have any suggestions of your own? Give them in the comments


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The adventure of creating pages He started when HTML 3 was in vogue and now not only creates websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he directs his own brand InBulb
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