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We prepare an optimal "contact us" page

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WordPress has it that one problem we can usually solve with co at least a few dozen plugs. Despite this, there are some plugins that are gaining incredible popularity, and at the moment when in Your The question in your head is "ahh, what plugin do I need to have form contact at website?" you immediately know it's Contant form 7.

In this post I would like to introduce, like easily build a nice pagesę contact. Of course, without having to code anything, as well as some part will be devoted to styling and handling the plugin itself. This time I will work on Adaption theme, which is freean aesthetically pleasing motif on which to boldly can be put up a simple information page.

After uploading Contact Form 7 and add it to a subpage, it looks like this:


account form

So it's not too bad!

The form seems to do the job. However, suppose we want it to be websiteon which not only someone will send us information, but will also read a few words about our company (so that he is not afraid to send news), will check our data and see a map with our company's address.

Company map for contact page for WordPress

We will add a map using WP Google Maps. This plug is not only convenient to use, but also allows us to choose the style of the map.


Thanks to this we can easily match it to the look of our websites Internet. Now let's add to this the appropriate textThe first thing to remember is that it should be valuable from the point of view of the person who searches for our company on the web.


As we can see, in theory everything is there, and in fact it can be done better. First of all, it would be good if someone who searches for "Company you love data" would immediately come to our page with a contact form. Therefore also the party we'll call "A company you love data and contact" remember to also set up nice direct links.

In addition, we will place at the bottom yet one text: "The company you love offers top-notch service, with dozens of customers contacting our staff every day. Use the contact information on this page to get started. Do not hesitate, our team is waiting for you". This text is of course an example. It is important for it to be understandable for our potential client, and additionally to raise our subpage's HTML code to content ratio. It is worth trying to include in it keywords.

At the top we add the company's sloganIt always looks good, as well as on the sub-page we add logo, because many companies, despite what we think, print subpages. Therefore, the logo added to the contact subpage will be black and white (when you can have a colorful one in the header).

The effect is that we have created a monster, with which you need to do something. We have all the information, but we created a mess, to fix this state of affairs, I recommend using Shortcodes Ultimate.

Read more about using this plugin here: https://www.seowordpress.pl/dbamy-o-estetyke-wpisu-z-shortcodes-ultimate/ 


Contents (paste in text mode):

The company you love is a sure partnership, Contact us today or visit our onsite location to learn about our latest services.

su_column size="1/2"]

image-13 aligncenter" src="http://basiaszyje.pl/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/logos-300x146.jpg" alt="logos" width="300" height="146" />

su_column size="1/2"]

The company you love

Warsaw 00-00

Excellent location 22

tel. 565-566-566



[su_column size="1/2"].

Questions are answered daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Go ahead and write to us.

    [/su_column]. [su_column size="1/2"] [wpgmza id="1"]. [/su_column]. [/su_row].

    The company you love offers the highest quality service, with dozens of customers contacting our staff every day. Use the contact information on this page to get started. Do not hesitate our team is waiting for you


    As you can see on the last screenshot there was a problem. Well, elements overlap the map.

    Therefore we will add width: 100% to all form fields. Not only will it look nicer now, but it will also scale nicer on mobile devices.

    .your-name > input:nth-child(1) {
     width: 100%;
    .wpcf7-email {
     width: 100%;
    .your-subject > input:nth-child(1) {
     width: 100%;
    textarea.wpcf7-form-control {
     width: 100%;

    Since users If they are going to come to this page when they are looking for information about us, it's worth adding information about the time from which our point is open, just under the map. Thanks to our small corrections and plugin shortcode Ultimate Contact subpage on mobile devices looks like this.


    Now all we have to do is to make sure that the contact page is displayed in Google. Just post about it on your social profiles, add it to the menu remembering the right title attribute.


    O Karol Trybulski

    His adventure with creating websites started when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websitesBut also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he manages his own brand InBulb
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