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Protect your website from hackers and viruses with Webanti

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World pages Internet is under threat, through groups of cybercriminals hacking into all websites Internet pokes. They break in and infect to further infect unsuspecting internet users. As a website owner it is your responsibility to protect your website before hackers and make sure it doesn't spread virusthat like also not hacking into further sites - a must if you don't want to lose in the eyes of your users and clients.

If you want to avoid police visits and explanations as to why the server your website there have been further break-ins then you should remember that as well. Question co do if you're not an IT or security professional. After all, with a virus problem on WordPress, joomla etc are struggling almost everyone. Almost, because no users an antivirus for websites that is Webanti. Webanti will provide protection. It is child's play and free.

All you have to do is create an account on https://app.webanti.com and add your website to the monitoring (it's very simple, plus you have a chat specialist on hand to help you). From this moment on your website will be monitored via Webanti specialists.

How does Webanti work?

The website you add to the monitoring is protected just like your computer is protected by an anti-virus program. Webanti scans your files for malware. As soon as it appears, you will be notified and Webanti will move the affected files to quarantine.

You can check everything in panel https://app.webanti.com where You will see the results of the scans, the viruses detected, the files in the quarantine (which you can restore or delete), the exception list - this is a list of files that Webanti might have considered viruses, but you think are legitimate. Adding files to the exception list reduces the number of so-called false alarms.

When Webanti removes the virus will I be safe?

Practically yes, but keep in mind that a break-in must have occurred somehow and if it does occur and Webanti notifies you, be sure to use the contact form and ask Webanti to fix the problem i.e. remove bugthrough which hackers broke in. This is of course not a free service, but the cheapest in Poland because prices start from as little as 100 PLN.

Webanti offers protection Your pages for free. The file analysis that Webanti performs does not overload your site/server, it is only performed on Webanti's servers and the computing power costs money. Therefore it's a good idea to choose the START package, which will ensure scanning your website more often than once a month as it is with package FREE.

Remember and keep yourself safe! Safety has no price, and it is imprudent not to ensure your safety if someone offers you protection completely free of charge!
Protect your website from hackers and viruses!


O Webanti

The vision behind Webanti was to create a unique solution providing high protection for websites against malware threats.
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