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We create a forum for readers (based on disqus.com, the same as on Antyweb)

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Some ideas are so good that they don't can be pass them by indifferently. One such idea is to use the comment system disqus.com to create forum.

In this post I will present one of many ways to do this. I will use for this purpose plugsso that everyone can take advantage of this solution without going through the code of their theme.

It is worth mentioning first the good and bad websites such a solution. Surely the advantage is convenience for us and userswho are used to this system like and less strain on our server. Among the disadvantages These include slower indexing speed and limited development possibilities.

We're creating a forum

I will use the forum to create the forum:

Of course, you can do without without WPBakery Visual ComposerHowever, for the purposes of this tutorial, it will allow us to easily display the data.

Registration and connection of Disqus Comment System

The most important thing is to register and connect Disqus Comment System to your blog. It is worth to set Polish language on the options page and change the word comments on "answers."

Installation and configuration of User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts is free and easy to use plug, co important, it is convenient for us - administrators.

After installation we need to configure just a few options, the first of which is translations.


Next, I recommend turning on Receive Email Alertto receive an email every time someone adds a new topic to the forum. It is also important to properly configure the fields that we make available to users.


If we want to collect base with this device addressIn order to create a new e-mail account, we must remember about proper rules and inform the users about it. You should also remember about the security password, so that the bots will not send us hundreds of unnecessary topics.


The last thing during setup is to assign new posts to the appropriate author and enable moderation.


What should be kept in mind when creating a forum? When setting up a forum, we need to remember to protect ourselves. Admittedly, a forum is apparently the same as comments, but discussion can get out of hand more easily. Robust rules and regulations are a must. Keep in mind that it's a good idea to model yourself on already existing online forums.

At this point, it remains for us to create a new pagesand put on it user-submitted-posts]and then wait until users will throw themselves into the discussion.

This solution has one disadvantage, which should be turned into an advantage, i.e. each new thread is in fact a new entry, this causes that if we accept it, it will appear in the news feeds of the site e.g. on main or RSS feeds.

How to deal with it? There are several ways:

  • entries added to their own entry type, but in this case I didn't find in the plugin settings such an option,
  • disable the author display in loops in the theme.

The forum was created for people to talk on it, it needs to be promoted. And what better promotion can there be than displaying new threads in the news feed? Remember, this is actually free content that just needs to be taken care of properly. Therefore It is also worth creating a special entry icon, so that it is immediately visible that this is a thread from the forum, add a new category such as forum. Although it is worth remembering that there are more interesting names, for example:

  • on a robotics website, a nicer name is "discussions about your robots",
  • on a blog about carpet cleaning, a better name would be "your question and answer corner",
  • On a page belonging to e.g. an online shop this can be called simply "XYZ store fan discussions", it is easy to guess that it will be some form of channel with the customer,
  • on the blog, where author publishes its photos nature, you can allow (this plugin allows it) to upload your own images, then a good name would be "your works".

Let the title immediately suggest why someone should go there and what they will find, alone "forum" doesn't mean much.

On the page where you add a thread, it is also worth ensuring that, in addition to the form from adding new thread, we had the latest threads, rules, a brief description of the whole thing. I mentioned at the beginning, that you can optionally use Visual Composer, but also Shortcodes Ultimateor write it from scratch. Using Visual Composer we will use a block with new entries by category.


Using Shortcodes Ultimate, create a new bar widgetand a plug e.g. Category Posts Widget, add a widget with the category "Forum" to the page content. Anyone who codes will do it best by doing it... their own way. Example loop for category with number id=15 (in my case the forum category).


The ending, or rather, what's next?

As you can see, from the programming side the project is not particularly demanding. The biggest challenge here is to build a community. The larger the community, the more visits and impressions, the more free content and prestige, or rather the brand of the forum, blog or websites. If the discussions are valuable, we have a chance of them being linked.

Professional content, unconventional dress cuts, tips cosmetic features that are not found anywhere else, remember that only this will make a simple forum engine created in 20 minutes based on WordPress will live, and who knows, you might have to think about a dedicated solution then. I wish that for all of you.


O Karol Trybulski

He started his adventure with creating websites when HTML 3 was fashionable. Now he creates not only websites, but also effectively positions them. Since the end of 2014 he has been managing his own brand InBulb
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