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What do the search results for the phrase "fashion blog" look like, and what do you get out of it?

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Website can be optimize in many different ways, not all of them are right and not all of them give any results, and after all, this is the point. Therefore we'll take a look at in this post, too, like looks like the first 5 pages that show themselves to us when we type in Google "blog fashion".


As you can see, the following blogs entered the TOP 5:

  1. shinysyl.com,
  2. fitandfashion.co.uk,
  3. musthavefashion.pl,
  4. makelifeeasier.co.uk i
  5. beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk.

This is the TOP 5 results for a non-logged in account Google people on 18/12/2015.

Does the site scale on mobile devices?

Yes, each of the 5 blogs is adapted to mobile devices.

Site loading speed, does it help?

Let's see how websites are performing in the test PageSpeed Insignits from Google. We are interested in points for websites the desktop version, not the mobile version. As you can see, number one is... shinysyl.com with a score of 74 points. Deserved first place due to the fact that next 4 sites achieve very similar score. In other words, site speed can have an impact on the position.

shinysyl.com 74
fitandfashion.co.uk 43
musthavefashion.pl 41
makelifeeasier.co.uk 41
beauty-fashion-shopping.pl 44

Does a keyword phrase domain help SEO?

In this case, no. None of the blogs have the keyword in the name domainsand yet they're in the top 5.

Only in 13th position we have an aggregate of fashion blogs blogiomodzie.blogspot.com.

Is a title with a keyword phrase valuable?

As it turns out, directly typing the phrase "fashion blog" into the site title can make a difference. The first 3 blogs have it, while the last 2 do not. Of which the fourth has "fashion blog"and 5 uses the word "blog" i "fashion"but separated by other words.

shinysyl.com Fashion lifestyle blog | Fashion blog | Shiny Syl
fitandfashion.co.uk A blog about fashion and beauty. Fashion blog, lifestyle blog Fit & Fashion
musthavefashion.pl Fashion blog - musthavefashion.co.uk
makelifeeasier.co.uk Make Life Easier - a light blog about fashion, cooking and shopping
beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk Beauty Fashion Shopping - Lifestyle blog: fashion, beauty, shopping, motivation!

Do validator.w3.org has any meaning?

That's a hard question to answer. What True, the fashion blog from the first position has only one error, but the second one already has 133, which is much less than the others from places 3,4,5. This suggests that getting rid of the errors from the site may have a good effect.

shinysyl.com 1
fitandfashion.co.uk 133
musthavefashion.pl 17
makelifeeasier.co.uk 26
beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk 52

Links from social media (based on data from seoptimer)

Based on the table below, you can conclude that it doesn't have a huge impact on your site's position.

Facebook Likes Facebook Shares Google +1
shinysyl.com 12 47 100
fitandfashion.co.uk 3 24 0
musthavefashion.pl 66 61 16
makelifeeasier.co.uk 1418 1947 204
beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk 6 22 26

Does he have a phrase "fashion blog" in H1?

shinysyl.com No
fitandfashion.co.uk No
musthavefashion.pl Yes
makelifeeasier.co.uk No
beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk No


Additionally, it is worth noting that e.g. on the blog beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk optimization H1 and H2 tags are as follows:


Meanwhile, on the blog shinysyl.com H1 does not appear on website target with search engines At all, meanwhile, H2 optimization looks like this:



Do then such optimization is valuable? I think so, but for subpages entries. On the main blog pages, as you can see, it doesn't make any difference this time or just lack of optimisation All blogs make it unnecessary to perform it to be higher in the search results.

The ratio of HTML code to content on the page

As you can see, it doesn't matter much this time around.

shinysyl.com 14,94 %
fitandfashion.co.uk 7,24 %
musthavefashion.pl 13,67 %
makelifeeasier.co.uk 31,29 %
beauty-fashion-shopping.co.uk 18,05 %


Then what does it matter? Magic? This time, no. Certainly, when it comes to fashion blogs, headline optimization is out. On the other hand, optimized page title does work well, as does site loading speed, blog number 1 significantly outperforms before the rest.

The ratio of HTML code to content doesn't seem to matter at all. An interesting surprise is that the first blog has only 1 W3 error, but the next has as many as 133, suggesting that it doesn't matter too much. As for the page description the first 4 have the phrase "fashion blog" in it.

These are not all parameters, we have yet Domain age, number of pages, number of links, image optimization, but we'll cover that in future articles on search engine analysis.  


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